Why should you buy a mini spot welder ?

The mini spot welder is a handy tool for tinkerers who want to add a decorative touch to their work. The device is armed with a 3.7V, 5.5Ah lithium battery and comes with a single chip microcomputer to control the welder’s “Mos” (power supply). This device can weld a variety of metal sheets from 0.5mm to 3mm in thickness.

The basic spot welder is composed of a power supply, an energy storage unit, a switch, welding electrodes, and a wire cutter. The energy storage unit is a great feature because it allows you to achieve high instantaneous power levels. If you don’t need this feature, you can skip it. The switch dumps the energy into the welding transformer. This step-up in voltage and current will heat the wires and finish the job.

The mini spot welder is easy to use. The battery-powered unit is compact and easy to use, and it will save you space and money. Its battery-powered design makes it easy to use and is convenient to use. The device is easy to clean, and it comes with a charger. The user can also recharge the unit anytime, anywhere, by simply connecting it to a wall outlet. The Mini Spot welder is perfect for welding small parts.

This mini spot welder has a high capacity for welding thin metals. The battery-powered unit is easy to operate. The kit contains a controller, two welding pens, and two power input cables. The controller allows the user to select an optimal working mode. The unit also has a black plug for a safe and secure connection. A step-by-step guide will show you how to weld a metal strip to an 18650 battery. In this way, the two pens are perpendicular to the plate, transferring the most energy.

Another thing to note about this spot welder is its size. The Mini Spot welder is only two inches long, so it is easy to carry and store. It is lightweight, so it is a great tool for traveling. It also has a handle, so you can easily carry it from one place to another. A Mini Spot welder is a convenient way to work on projects with multiple pieces.

The Mini Spot welder is portable and ideal for small-scale spot welds. It does not require a 240-volt outlet, and it is easy to carry. The machine is also equipped with six-inch tongs for working on thicker materials. It is also very portable and light-weight, which makes it easier to move around. The Compact Mini Spot welder is a portable and easy-to-use machine for tin-welding.

Top 4 hoverboard brands in 2017

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There are various hoverboard brands out there, but it’s essential to pick the best hoverboard for your own. In this article, we’ve gathered a rundown of the best hoverboard brands, so you can have a better choice when purchasing a hoverboard.

All hoverboard brands we’re recommended here is 100% safety. That implies,all these hoverboards are UL2272 certified.

First,let’s explain the hoverboard size.The most widely recognized and popular sizes are 6.5 inch wheels; 8 inch wheels, utilized for X-outline hoverboards with Bluetooth speakers and LED flashing lights, and 10 inch wheels, which use inflatable rubber tires, they are large enough and use more powerful electric engines, which ensures a smoother experience. ride on harsh landscapes.


Swagtron hoverboard

A standout amongst the most surely understood brands out there, Swagtron( formerly Swagway) creates some truly top notch hoverboards. Being one of the primary players in the business sector, they have had the opportunity to deal with their item and truly push the limits. Their 6.5-inch display, the Swagtron X1, began as a regular hoverboard with standard segments. They have then redesigned the outline with a more advanced look, removing the base part of the wheel curves, giving the sheets a more streamlined look.
Swagtron is truly dedicated to wellbeing, and they’re running various tests on their more seasoned sheets.


powerboard hoverboard

The Powerboard is another 6.5-inch wheel hoverboard that has been around for a long while. They were the first to present chrome paints on hoverboards, and they do look very great, however, you need to pay around $50-$100 additional for the extraordinary paint. The Powerboards generally are at present the same cost as Swagtron. The main difference ? All things considered, the Powerboard is a little slower than a Swagtron (8mph vs 10mph) and can convey around 2 pounds not exactly a Swagtron (220lbs VS 222lbs).


Razor Hovertrax hoverboard

Razor ventured somewhat late into the hoverboard diversion. Being the top maker for children’s bikes in the US, their turn to procure the licenses to the Hovertrax is reasonable.
Razor chose they’d enter the diversion, and with the profound stashes that their business bears them, they authorized the first hoverboard licenses from Inventist, the organization that initially thought of the principal hoverboard (called Hovertrax—thus the name of this new model) and have continued to sue Swagtron and the various organizations for encroaching upon those licenses that they now hold. The legitimate procedure is as yet experiencing, at the same time, Razor has put out an exceptionally tame hoverboard, that is mostly advertised for children somewhere around 13 and 18.
The Razor Hovertrax has a maximum rate of 6mph and is truly essential in components. As far as possible is 220lbs.
The organization is putting money on its notoriety to claim that theirs is the most secure hoverboard out there, just utilizing quality parts. They presumably restrict the top pace to be totally sure that the battery pack won’t get excessively hot.
For the vast majority, the Hovertrax doesn’t appear to bode well, thinking of it as presently just $1 less expensive than a Swagtron, however with seriously compelled execution. We can envision the Hovertrax being engaging mostly to concerned guardians who need to give a hoverboard to their kids, yet who likewise need to be completely sure they’re obtaining a sheltered item.

SKQUE 10-INCH Smart Balance WHEEL

SKQUE 10 inch hoverboard

Skque is one of only a handful few brands out there as yet offering a 10-inch inflatable tire hoverboard. We trust the 10-inch wheel size to be the best one, in light of the smoothness of the ride, and the capacity to make your hoverboard a really adaptable method of transportation, instead of a curiosity.

The Skque 10-Inch Smart Balance Wheel comes in some truly spiffy outlines. The specs on their page are quite moderate, as we probably are aware for the experience that these sheets are quick and can convey a great deal of weight. Note that there’s no remote or conveying case dispatched with this specific hoverboard model.

What can hoverboard manufacturer learn from hoverboard recall ?

On 6th July 2016 , the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that the self balance hoverboard has been involved in 99 accidents in 29 states of United States, resulting in economic losses of 2 million US dollars,so CPSC decided to recall 500,000 pcs of hoverboard in the market, involving hoverboards from 10 companies.

6.5 inch self balancing hoverboard

The 10 companies include eight brand names such as Swagway, Razor and AirWalkz, as well as two retailers, Overstock.com and Boscov’s. In terms of quantity, Swagway who involved about 267,000 Swagway X1 hoverboard impacted most.

CPSC asked consumers immediately stop using hoverboard on the hand, contact the dealer or sales company, returned the hoverboard and ask for a full amount refund, some brands with newly listing UL2272 certificate, need to replace UL2272 approved hoverboard with the exist hoverboard and don’t need to arrange a refund.
Some people say that this may be the final clean up for bad quality hoverboard, in the future, UL2272 approved hoverboard has a big market potential.However, you should pay attention to those who buying these bad quality hoverboard at low price , and reselling them to the market with a new label,and resulting in a vicious circle to the whole hoverboard industry.

How do hoverboard manufacturers think about the recall ?

US government one-size-fits-all means of recall in such scale, many hoverboard industry insider expressed helplessness of this approach, they do not have any room for reversal, since most of the hoverboard quality is reliable, too many innocent by this recall.

How do consumers think about the recall ?

All consumers have said that hoverboard quality problems, or potential risks, business owners must be responsible, the Government’s approach is right, manufacturers and sellers have no reason to let the problem hoverboard enter into the market.

How do Media think about the recall ?

Public media said that they know the hoverboard was booming in such a fast speed,that the entire supply chain are not keeping up with the development of the hoverboard, each link has a problem and lead to such an outcome, but this is not the reasons consumers bearing the loss of bad quality hoverboard, consumers will not accept such a reason, because to ensure the quality of hoverboard is the most basic business responsibility.

From the hoverboard lessons above,we hope the Chinese hoverboard manufacturer and hoverboard industry understand the importance of hoverboard profits, it directly affects the development of enterprises and industry, small profits will not be more sales all the time.Right now,more and more hoverboard manufacturer has been apply UL2272 certificate for their hoverboards,we hope they won’t sell UL2272 hoverboard at cheap price,this is not good for hoverboard future development, hoverboard developer,hoverboard manufacturer,hoverboard dealer and hoverboard after sale service.

3 Funny Usage Of Hoverboards

More and more people are riding or playing a hoverboard in the street and caught too much eye sights,but do you know below three funny usage of hoverboards ?

1.A man convert his 10 inch hoverboard to a smart mobile electric kart with a hover seat, stainless steel frame,cellphone holder, camera; well, how modern it is with so much modern elements !

Hoverboard turned into a leisure electric wheel chair scooter

2.A woman cleaning snow on her yard, she stand steadly on her
hoverboard and hold a shovel on her hand, with the moving forward or backward of hoverboard, the snow can be easily clean without too much effort and less time.

hoverboard used to clean the snow

3.A cleaner was mopping the floor riding on the Xiaomi 9
hoverboard. Well, should i say the Xiaomi 9 hoverboard’s anti skidding performance is so excellent ? or this cleaner is so smart ? or either the hoverboard is so popular that a cleaner is familiar with it and like it ?  🙂

Cleaner mopping the floor on a Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter

What Factors Affect the Electric Bicycle Mileage?

What Factors Affect the Electric Bicycle Mileage?

In winter, the mileage of electric bicycle will be affected a lot, especially in the cold northern regions, the impact of low temperature on electric bicycle is more obvious, but people’s pace of life will not slow down due to winter, how to keep the electric bicycle to work properly in cold winter ,ensure daily trip security and efficiency,become the most urgent needs of every electric bicycle users. Then, what factors affect the electric bicycle mileage ?

14 inch folding electric bicycle

The Effect of Tire Pressure on Electric Bicycle Mileage

The tire pressure is the pressure inside the tire. The general regular electric bicycle manufacturers are marked the most suitable tire pressure range on the tires. For electric bicycles, the most reasonable tire pressure remained is 310-380kpa. What is the impact of tire pressure for electric bicycles mileage ? Give a simple example, riding a bike on a flat road, suddenly feel the bike pedal up a special effort,most people will realize that tire pressure is insufficient immediately, Similarly, the electric bicycle bring greater friction to motor resistance in the case of tire pressure is bound . In the same driving distance, low tire pressure will cause the electric bicycle power consumption doubled.

Effect of Front Rear Wheel Brakes on Mileage

Before or after electric bicycle brake back to the wrong ring or brake internal failure ,will affect the electric bicycle’s overall mileage. For example, many tiro sometimes forget to loose handbrake, causing serious wear and tear of the brake pads, more serious cause of the bicycle spontaneous combustion.If the electric bicycle brake failure, will increase the workload of electric bicycle motors, resulting in continuous high-current electric bicycle battery discharge. As a result, electric bicycle mileage will be shorten.

The Effect of Braking Power Failure on the Mileage

Electric bicycle brake power-off system was originally designed .When the electric bicycle brakes, the controller stop power supply to motor. This protects both the battery and the motor. If the controller is still supply power to the motor when electric bicycle brakes , it’s like you climb a mountain and someone behind you pulls you back with a rope, in order to maintain balance you need a lot of effort. Into electric bicycle, the performance is large current discharge which will affect the battery’s total mileage.

The Effect of Charger on Mileage

The main analysis is the electric bicycle charger with low voltage. If the charger failure causes the battery can not be completely full charge, the battery power dissatisfaction, this will affect the electric car mileage.

The Influence of Maintenance For Main Parts on Mileage

Electric bicycles needs regular maintenance. The motor normal use, it will not reduce the efficiency, but if it is overloaded or overspeed, the electric motor will degauss or degrade with the time of use, which will affect the energy conversion rate of the motor ,power
consumption increased, the torque and speed is reduced.

Daily use electric bicycle on a regular basis for the following checks and maintenance, to extend the service life and enhance the driving experience, also for their own safety and family responsibility:

1. Check before and after tire pressure .
2. Check the front and rear wheel brakes whether the lock situation.
3. Check the brake power-off switch.
4. Check the battery charger.
5. Regularly go to a professional repair station for maintenance.

Except these factors,if we want the electric bicycle mileage more longer,could we us solar power generator as backup power for it ? In the future, we may use solar panels, as part of the electric car ,and use lithium battery storage solar power ,so it work as a small solar power generator for electric car.If this can be achieved, will increase the mileage of electric bicycles .

Travel with your balance scooter during holidays or spare time

Summary: Have you ever thought of travelling with your balance scooter on holidays ?Many people may ask why i have to travel with a balance scooter ? Well, let me tell you why.Absolutely more cool than stay at home.

travel with balance scooter

Whether it is the weekend, or holidays, for the leisure time, how do you spend it? In fact,rather than stay at home, it is better to go out and travel with your balance scooter, as long as you like, you will find that your holidays can be full of passion.

Even if you do not know the next destination, it will still accompany you

A traveling usually without a fixed destination, and do not know the next destination, which means that it is difficult to ensure a specific way for travel, Even so,balance scooter is still able to accompany your . Most balance scooters are very small and portable, even you need to take a train or vessel,you can also carry it around, do not need special consignment or parking, very convenient.
With a balance scooter, no fatigue only comfort and pleasure

As balance scooters are powered by battery, so it is very easy to ride up, allowing you to have enough energy to engaged in the beauty and delicious food along the way. Normally a balance scooter speed is among 8-20km per hour, although not as fast as a car, but it is a speed most suitable for ride travelling,ensures enough time for rider to enjoy everything.
Happiness is the real life, and this has nothing to do with time

Travelling takes time, if there is no time then nothing will happen, many people may think so. But for the balance scooter, as long as there are several minutes left,you can be happy with it. A smart shape allows the balance scooter to ride in any narrow space, even at home. And, it will not produce any noise while riding, therefore will not affect other people anywhere.
Do you want to try travelling with balance scooter now? If you can invite family members or friends, there will be a greater bonus, you will be even more happier.

What is the hoverboard price at the end of 2016 ?

With the development of economy, the number of cars is increasing. The frequent traffic congestion affect a lot to people who need travelling. Hoverboard can be used as a very useful means of transportation. It can convenient used in the tree-lined path or on the road, and you can even take exercise while riding a hoverboard . Now you can see variety of balancing hoverboard on the market now. How much is a two wheel balanced hoverboard? This is perhaps our most concern, the price is a key factor affecting the cost effectivity.

How much is a 6.5 inch two wheels hoverboard

Two wheels balanced hoverboard products with so many styles from China manufacturer, many manufacturers are aimed at this market, the price ranging from 60$ to 800$, it is very difficult to distinguish between true and false. Balancing hoverboards has many benefits indeed, it plays a great role in promoting healthy life, a lot of brand name balance hoverboard really expensive, since its performance is very good, good after sale service.

A product want to survive must adapt to the market, not only the market demand, but also concordant with the consumption level. Although the balancing hoverboard ( initial know as Segway scooter ) into the market has been more than a decade, its sales rising smoothly and it booms in 2015 because many Chinese manufacturer enter into this market and its price has been dropped , it is estimated to have been sold out for more then 100 million, well, it is a amazing number. However, a lot of firing and explosion problem occured. So Amazon ban hoverboard on 12th Dec,2015 and many countries take strict inspection for these hoverboards.

However, several manufactures has applying for UL certificate of hoverboard, manufacturing in accordance with UL2272 standards too, so it is more safer than ever.

Usually, a wholly UL2272 approved 6.5 inch self balance scooter cost for more than 120$/piece , TUV approved 6.5 inch self balance scooter cost for more than 100$/piece, based on bulk order quantity and shipping cost was not included. If someone claimed to provide hoverboards to you below this price, you should consider about it carefully.

If you want to know price about other hoverboards, you can leave comments below this post, i will try my best to help you.

Top 10 balance scooter manufacturer in 2016

Top 10 balance scooter manufacturer in 2016

1.Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd Chic smart balance scooter
2.Ninebot Inc
Ninebot balance scooter Xiaomi 9


3.Airwheel Holding Limitedairwheel unicycle balance scooter
4. Shenzhen Jomo Technology Co., Ltd
koowheel K1 self balance scooter
5.Zhengzhou F-wheel Industrial Co.,Ltd
F-wheel balance scooter
6.Freeman Intelligent Power Limited
Freeman self balancing scooter
7. Shenzhen Xuan Wei Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Pixie balance scooter for kids
8.FSX Group
Windgoo SUV balance scooter
9.Shenzhen HTOMT Technology Co., Ltd
8 inch balance scooter
10.Zhejiang Kuku Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
portable balance scooter

Above balance scooter statistics were collected from user, aimed to provide foreign buyer a better understanding of the electric balance scooter industry. This information is for reference only, do not mean that we recommend the purchase;the statistics above were not ranking in particular only,and we sincerely welcome your comments and suggestions.

Finding suppliers online: cheap don’t means bad quality

If you are a importer or distributor, you would know that the ordering season is coming as only two months left for Christmas holidays. So the sourcing time for supplier and bargaining time with supplier is coming too.

As a experienced purchaser or business owner , you should know that most goods come from China, India and Vietnam , to get the most cost effective goods, you must looking for in China. Although since Alibaba.com became very popular, it is a lot easier to find new products, no need to visit fairs every time.However,there are many small factories and several bad supplier selling ultra low price with no warranty products. Getting these kind of products, you will suffer from a disaster soon.

If you have a lot of experience with Alibaba.com , i suggest you to search products and suppliers on Alibaba.com combining usage of google.

For example, hoverboards are very popular recently, when you looking for a hoverboard on Amazon, you can find below:

hoverboards price on Amazon
hoverboards price on Amazon from variety sellers

You can see,its price is around 339USD-399USD/Piece currently. Usually, you can save up to 15% regardless of warranty etc. Which means its price at a shopping mall or retailer shop will be around 399USD-469USD/Piece. You found this business really interesting, and you want to find a supplier in China.

I suggest the first thing you need to do is know much more information about hoverboard, simply type words like-what makes a good hoverboard, you will find many usefully information about hoverboard regards its quality like below:

What makes a good hoverboard

Secondly, search hoverboards manufacturer by google.com , you will find many information and supplier by google.com among the first three pages, usually these supplier is a good supplier choice, because only powerfully suppliers can be appeared in the first 3 pages, please see below:

hoverboards manufacturer find-out by google on page 1

hoverboards manufacturer find out by google on page 2hoverboards manufacturer find out by google on page 2

After go through these results in the first 3 pages, you can easily find out below website are engaged in supplying hoverboard,others are just news provider or related products:





You can see www.swagtron.com ranked very good, and you also see this seller on Amazon, if you are buy this hoverboard for your own usage, you can buy from them directly on Amazon because they are very famous per google sourcing results. But if you are a importer or reseller, you know their price is not very competitive as they are big brand and from US, US labor cost is very high, and the other three sites abosultely from China and you can find out their company name easily by visiting their website.

Then use these company name you have found out and sourcing on Alibaba.com, you can find out them easily, no need to send hundreds of emails and inquires to dump supplier you have never heard before.No it is time to bargaining with the three manufactures ( maybe 4 maybe 10 ,depends on you ), you can get fine hoverboard with really cheap price.

Summary: Cheap sometimes means bad quality, some time not. Depends on how you source.