How do hoverboards work?

The world is highly appreciating the presence of science and technology. It has made life easy. Hoverboards have been discovered as the quest for discover sophisticated propellers has increased. There are fascinating developments of late resulting from rapid technological development in improving existing products and coming up with absolutely new and amazing products. Hoverboards–also known as two wheel self balancing electric scooters– are becoming common. It is a two wheel scooter being developed by different firms. However their features are almost similar despite coming from different manufacturers. They are electric driven, self balancing and utilize a rechargeable battery. Let’s draw our focus on these love-to-hate devices that are taking over the personal transportation industry by storm.

Now, two wheel self balancing scooters use a self balancing technology adopted directly from Segway. The same principle behind the gadgets used by photographers and film makers is responsible for today’s hoverboards. These units take into consideration the body movement of the rider as they apply pressure on treadles fitted with sensitive motors. We will see just how you can get your hoverboard to work.

Advantages of hoverboards

In our everyday activities we strive to be safe. The manufactures of self balancingscooters are in a mission to enhance the users’ safety too. Their self balancing scooters are fitted with dual balancing systems, a design that aims at enhancing the riders’ safety. The self balancing scooters are also light enough so that the rider is in a position to control them. The dual balancing system means that the rider can control the scooter back, forth and sideways. You therefore, get to boost your confidence as well as self esteem when you ride a hoverboard.

People prefer venturing into achievable stakes. The fact that it is easy to learn how to ride a hoverboard, has attracted many people to this fascinating product. It is amazing to know that you can learn how to operate a scooter in just a few hours. You are therefore likely to be an expert scooter rider in less than a day. Convenience is further enhanced by the portability of this gadget. Parking space is therefore not one of the things you will be thinking about.

The global environmentalists are insisting on use of items that are eco-friendly. The modern self balancing scooters use electricity in form of a rechargeable battery as a form of energy. Thus, they do not emit harmful gasses that threaten the world ecosystem balance. The scooters also do not cause noise pollution as they operate silently–the motors installed make sure this is the case always. All in all, they have relatively low levels of noise. On the other hand, the use of rechargeable battery limits the distance they cover before the call for recharge. It ranges from 5 to even 20 miles range per charge.

Just how do they work

We are already familiar with the uniqueness of hoverboards. The other important thing is to understand how they work. We already highlighted that learning how to operate a scooter is easy. This is enough indication that self balancing scooters are not complex. To start with, their speeds are regulated to different maximum speeds depending on the scooter type which is still a safety enhancer. Their breaking and speed systems are controlled by simple body movement like tilting and standing still.  A two wheel self balancing scooter has a pair of pressure sensitive motors fitted right underneath the steady and anti-slip pedals where one places their feet. These motors are responsible for sensing the pressure–they are fitted with sensors–exerted by both feet. They then have to distinguish between body movement.

For instance, when one stands on the hoverboard with both feet while keeping the pressure constant–without tilting whatsoever–the hoverboard will remain at a standstill. If however, the rider chooses to lean forward while exerting pressure wit his feet, the motors will sense the pressure and send the hoverboard rolling forward. The opposite happens when the rider decides to lean or tilt backwards. To turn, pressure is applied with both feet working independently. If the rider wanted to make a right turn for example, all they’d have to do is use the right foot to apply pressure by leaning it forward, while the left leg leans backwards. This contrast in body–leg– movement sends a signal that you want to make a right turn. Adjust the tilt by each leg independently and accordingly to turn left.

It is through the balancing system that scooters learn the riders’ body flexes. For instance, when you lean forward so much, it is expected that you will fall. However, this rarely happens since the scooter is designed to adjust to body flexes immediately to prevent a fall off, as you adjust yourself to prevent a fall on your face. The scooters makes similar responses in case of too much leaning back and sideways.

We cannot ignore the presence of inbuilt tilt sensors. Through them, the scooter can determine when you are about to lean to either the front, the back or sideways. There is also a speed controller that alerts you in case you exceed the expected speed limit. This is to ensure that you retain control over the vessel.

The inbuilt sensor is usually an assembled gyroscope which enables the scooter to respond to certain levels of pressure on the handles resulting to immediate locomotion of the unit. For convenience purposes, some scooters such as segways have several microprocessors, each working autonomously. Therefore, if one sensor breaks down, the other one will operate. The system will notify of the failure most of the times.


Hoverbards have totally taken over the personal transportation industry. Each and everyone wants to be seen riding on these fancy new gadgets. Manufacturers are making mind boggling profits everyday as they keep running out of stock because of the massive orders that come their way each dawn. The appetite emanates from numerous videos of guys riding these hoverboards in streets. However, there’s the little aspect of leaning how to use a hoverboard. This article explains it in detail and if you follow this guide, everything you do with your hoverboard is safe and okay.

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