5 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Scooters

Many kids today are opting for electric scooters over bicycles and skateboards, it is understandable considering how much fun you can have on an electric scooter for kids and given the fact that they are so cool and the closest thing to driving your own car. But how much do you know about these electric scooters? Here are a few facts that you did not know about them.

1. The first electric scooter was actually used as a wheelchair

The electric scooter was invented by Gino Tsai, a Taiwanese president of a large corporation who was having difficulty walking around his corporation. This was as early as 1983 when the concept was created and then they started working towards creating the real deal which was perfected in 1988. The electric scooter was actually meant to be used inside the building and was originally designed for an adult but because of the amount of fun that could be had on it, they created the electric scooters for kids.

2. Modern electric scooters are able to create their own power every time you brake

The makers of these scooters noted that a lot of energy is lost when braking and yet electric scooters need the energy to run. Therefore in order to save you from having to recharge the battery more often, a special device was fitted that can transform kinetic energy into power that can be used by the electric scooter. Hence every time the rider applies the brakes for the scooter, they are actually storing power or creating more power for the battery.

3. Electric scooters for kids should not go faster than 15km/hr

Currently the fastest electric scooter for kids is able to reach a top speed of 15km/hr and it is not advisable for children below 9 years to ride at such speeds. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying an electric scooter for your kids, you should do your research first and read more about which models are appropriate for kids at different ages. Nonetheless electric scooters are able to travel even faster than 15km/h, especially those for adults. The fastest one is able to reach a top speed of 40km/hr and it has a seat to make it more comfortable. Faster electric scooters cost over $1000 dollars because of the technology needed to make them that fast and yet safe.

4. Electric scooters are so cool that even celebrities own them

Some of the celebrities who are known to own electric scooters include Justin Beiber, Jaden Smith, Chris Brown and even Mike TysonChris Brown has ever tried to create dance moves on an electric scooter. Now there is a reason to get your own electric scooter for kids.

5. Electric scooters for kids can actually be adjusted

So that adults can use them as long as they are not too heavy. The difference between those for kids and those for adults is mainly the foot space otherwise most scooters for kids are made strong enough to carry the normal weight of an adult.