Why should you buy a mini spot welder ?

The mini spot welder is a handy tool for tinkerers who want to add a decorative touch to their work. The device is armed with a 3.7V, 5.5Ah lithium battery and comes with a single chip microcomputer to control the welder’s “Mos” (power supply). This device can weld a variety of metal sheets from 0.5mm to 3mm in thickness.

The basic spot welder is composed of a power supply, an energy storage unit, a switch, welding electrodes, and a wire cutter. The energy storage unit is a great feature because it allows you to achieve high instantaneous power levels. If you don’t need this feature, you can skip it. The switch dumps the energy into the welding transformer. This step-up in voltage and current will heat the wires and finish the job.

The mini spot welder is easy to use. The battery-powered unit is compact and easy to use, and it will save you space and money. Its battery-powered design makes it easy to use and is convenient to use. The device is easy to clean, and it comes with a charger. The user can also recharge the unit anytime, anywhere, by simply connecting it to a wall outlet. The Mini Spot welder is perfect for welding small parts.

This mini spot welder has a high capacity for welding thin metals. The battery-powered unit is easy to operate. The kit contains a controller, two welding pens, and two power input cables. The controller allows the user to select an optimal working mode. The unit also has a black plug for a safe and secure connection. A step-by-step guide will show you how to weld a metal strip to an 18650 battery. In this way, the two pens are perpendicular to the plate, transferring the most energy.

Another thing to note about this spot welder is its size. The Mini Spot welder is only two inches long, so it is easy to carry and store. It is lightweight, so it is a great tool for traveling. It also has a handle, so you can easily carry it from one place to another. A Mini Spot welder is a convenient way to work on projects with multiple pieces.

The Mini Spot welder is portable and ideal for small-scale spot welds. It does not require a 240-volt outlet, and it is easy to carry. The machine is also equipped with six-inch tongs for working on thicker materials. It is also very portable and light-weight, which makes it easier to move around. The Compact Mini Spot welder is a portable and easy-to-use machine for tin-welding.

How do hoverboards work?

The world is highly appreciating the presence of science and technology. It has made life easy. Hoverboards have been discovered as the quest for discover sophisticated propellers has increased. There are fascinating developments of late resulting from rapid technological development in improving existing products and coming up with absolutely new and amazing products. Hoverboards–also known as two wheel self balancing electric scooters– are becoming common. It is a two wheel scooter being developed by different firms. However their features are almost similar despite coming from different manufacturers. They are electric driven, self balancing and utilize a rechargeable battery. Let’s draw our focus on these love-to-hate devices that are taking over the personal transportation industry by storm.

Now, two wheel self balancing scooters use a self balancing technology adopted directly from Segway. The same principle behind the gadgets used by photographers and film makers is responsible for today’s hoverboards. These units take into consideration the body movement of the rider as they apply pressure on treadles fitted with sensitive motors. We will see just how you can get your hoverboard to work.

Advantages of hoverboards

In our everyday activities we strive to be safe. The manufactures of self balancingscooters are in a mission to enhance the users’ safety too. Their self balancing scooters are fitted with dual balancing systems, a design that aims at enhancing the riders’ safety. The self balancing scooters are also light enough so that the rider is in a position to control them. The dual balancing system means that the rider can control the scooter back, forth and sideways. You therefore, get to boost your confidence as well as self esteem when you ride a hoverboard.

People prefer venturing into achievable stakes. The fact that it is easy to learn how to ride a hoverboard, has attracted many people to this fascinating product. It is amazing to know that you can learn how to operate a scooter in just a few hours. You are therefore likely to be an expert scooter rider in less than a day. Convenience is further enhanced by the portability of this gadget. Parking space is therefore not one of the things you will be thinking about.

The global environmentalists are insisting on use of items that are eco-friendly. The modern self balancing scooters use electricity in form of a rechargeable battery as a form of energy. Thus, they do not emit harmful gasses that threaten the world ecosystem balance. The scooters also do not cause noise pollution as they operate silently–the motors installed make sure this is the case always. All in all, they have relatively low levels of noise. On the other hand, the use of rechargeable battery limits the distance they cover before the call for recharge. It ranges from 5 to even 20 miles range per charge.

Just how do they work

We are already familiar with the uniqueness of hoverboards. The other important thing is to understand how they work. We already highlighted that learning how to operate a scooter is easy. This is enough indication that self balancing scooters are not complex. To start with, their speeds are regulated to different maximum speeds depending on the scooter type which is still a safety enhancer. Their breaking and speed systems are controlled by simple body movement like tilting and standing still.  A two wheel self balancing scooter has a pair of pressure sensitive motors fitted right underneath the steady and anti-slip pedals where one places their feet. These motors are responsible for sensing the pressure–they are fitted with sensors–exerted by both feet. They then have to distinguish between body movement.

For instance, when one stands on the hoverboard with both feet while keeping the pressure constant–without tilting whatsoever–the hoverboard will remain at a standstill. If however, the rider chooses to lean forward while exerting pressure wit his feet, the motors will sense the pressure and send the hoverboard rolling forward. The opposite happens when the rider decides to lean or tilt backwards. To turn, pressure is applied with both feet working independently. If the rider wanted to make a right turn for example, all they’d have to do is use the right foot to apply pressure by leaning it forward, while the left leg leans backwards. This contrast in body–leg– movement sends a signal that you want to make a right turn. Adjust the tilt by each leg independently and accordingly to turn left.

It is through the balancing system that scooters learn the riders’ body flexes. For instance, when you lean forward so much, it is expected that you will fall. However, this rarely happens since the scooter is designed to adjust to body flexes immediately to prevent a fall off, as you adjust yourself to prevent a fall on your face. The scooters makes similar responses in case of too much leaning back and sideways.

We cannot ignore the presence of inbuilt tilt sensors. Through them, the scooter can determine when you are about to lean to either the front, the back or sideways. There is also a speed controller that alerts you in case you exceed the expected speed limit. This is to ensure that you retain control over the vessel.

The inbuilt sensor is usually an assembled gyroscope which enables the scooter to respond to certain levels of pressure on the handles resulting to immediate locomotion of the unit. For convenience purposes, some scooters such as segways have several microprocessors, each working autonomously. Therefore, if one sensor breaks down, the other one will operate. The system will notify of the failure most of the times.


Hoverbards have totally taken over the personal transportation industry. Each and everyone wants to be seen riding on these fancy new gadgets. Manufacturers are making mind boggling profits everyday as they keep running out of stock because of the massive orders that come their way each dawn. The appetite emanates from numerous videos of guys riding these hoverboards in streets. However, there’s the little aspect of leaning how to use a hoverboard. This article explains it in detail and if you follow this guide, everything you do with your hoverboard is safe and okay.

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Hoverboards for Kids Reviews

In order to get you going—especially if this is your first time shopping for hoverboards for kids—I have compiled reviews for 3 products that are good to go with. These are meant to give you a clear heads-up on what to expect from the market. There are many other products to choose from but perhaps you could choose to go one of these three.

Wheel Toys- The #1 Hoverboard Shop – Trusted by 100,000 Riders

6 Zoll Elektro Smart Board Self Balance Board Review

This is a very unique and awesome product not only because it has some really nice features, but also because it can double up as an adult self balancing scooter. It has been ranked really high by those who have tried using it before. It has very lucrative features that will definitely please your kid.

This hoverboard weighs in at just 12Kg—probably something heavy for toddlers but nothing too hefty for a 14-year-old. You can also choose to be your kid’s riding partner just to ensure they get their scooter to desired ground. It’s also a good scooter for the whole family so there shouldn’t really be any problem with anyone not being able to lift it. You can therefore take your family for a scooter ride with this unit. It would really make for a great family experience with this product.

This unit has a very nice solid build. That means it can handle a considerable amount of pressure coming from the person on the scooter. The maximum load capacity given is 120Kg—which is pretty okay for most kids or even family members. You should exercise caution with the load because the scooter will probably slow down if there is too much weight on it. In some case the unit will start to rattle.

The maximum speed is 10mph. This is perfect and safe for kids. I’m sure some cautious parents will still see this as a much higher speed but it’s perfect even for kids who love the thrill of being on something that moves faster. The low speed means that you don’t have to worry about injuries incurred during accidents. The climbing angle is given as 15 to 30 degrees. This is good because it means that your kids will be able to go over hilly areas with their scooters without having to carry them to flat ground.

This unit has a turning radius of zero which makes it the perfect scooter for public places where you have maneuver through a crowd. It becomes really easy to turn around bends. You can also make stunts like turning in a 360 degrees motion or stopping and circling at the same spot. It’s very easy to learn how to ride it. This is great especially for kids who are always impatient and eager to learn something new.

The battery for this hoverboard is a very reliable feature. It has a strong lithium battery that takes only two hours to fully charge. Once charged, there’s no limit to where you can go. The manufacturer rate specification sheet says that you can ride this scooter for 30 miles before you may need to charge it again. You will have one very happy and satisfied kid if you can get them this scooter. It has dimensions of 6.6 x 7 x 23.

This unit has a quite a bright and impertinent look that will excite any kid. Kids love units that make them look classy and if your kid is one of those, then you have yourself covered with this slick electric scooter. You can also use this unit together with your kids under considered circumstances as you’ll see below.

The weight of this scooter is just 29 pounds making it very easy for your kid to carry it around and even take it with them to school. Small children will find it difficult to lift this scooter with one hand but you can always be your child’s riding partner and help them when they need to carry it. The unit charges for two hours—it has a strong Lithium battery. After charging you or your kid can ride it for 10 miles.

The unit measures 26 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches which makes it large enough for a grown or a child to ride comfortably. The maximum speed is about 10mph and you can climb surfaces raised at about 15 degrees. However, make sure that your child’s or your weight does not exceed the maximum load limit otherwise movement will be difficult especially when turning around bends. The motors are very sensitive to pressure and make riding this unit easy and fun. Learning how to ride this unit is as easy as you can imagine and your kid will be good to go after just 30 minutes of learning.

The color choice is amazing since all products come with great colors. You can head over to Amazon for the best online shopping experience and shop now. The prices are great and you will get great value for money with this unit.

JSROBOT Little Bear Smart Self Balancing Scooter For Kids Review

This is a typical two wheel self balancing scooter for kids that comes with safety gear to insist on child’s safety. There is so much fun that your child will be getting with this self balancing scooter apart from just guaranteed safety. The amazing features of this device make it quite a choice for a scooter.

The color and drawings on this scooter are animated and kids love just that. This can be said to be the typical self balancing scooter for children. The kids will also love the variety of colors despite your choice for them. You can have them choose the color they want before you shop for this scooter. The kids love when they can have a unit that is sparkling with really nice coloration. This will actually make them love their units.

The maximum speed is only 3mph—perhaps because it’s meant to be used by small children who can easily control the speed and would otherwise struggle with higher speed. It’s also reasonable for kids who are just learning their way into riding hoverboards. This unit weighs 9.9 pounds making it very light for small children to carry it from one place to another. You can help your children lift the scooter to the lawn if they find it difficult to lift the unit.

This scooter has a load limit of 100Kg and you can have toddlers who are up to 10 years old to ride on it. Heavier kids should have different units which they can ride comfortably. The battery charges for about 2 hours and will not last over a long journey. You should actually encourage kids to ride this scooter closer to home to avoid having the battery drain on them. With a fully charged battery, kids can ride the scooter for up to 6 miles.

The motors are sensitive and intelligent and respond to light weight pressure quickly effectively prompting the unit to move forward. Always be present during the first steps of your child learning how to ride this scooter—they could actually use a hand. Experienced kids will learn quickly. The unit comes with a JC robot control system that makes it easy and safe to balance and control; especially for toddlers.

How to Choose the Right Electric Scooters for Kids

There are several factors every person buying electric scooters for kids needs to take into account when making a purchase. Although different models currently available on the market share some similarities, each of them comes with a set of unique features. These parameters determine what kind of person the scooter is suitable for and can drastically influence the riding experience. Below we explain how should you understand all these parameters in order to choose the right model matching yours and your child’s needs.

Factors you should consider

Rider Weight Limit – this is the recommended total maximum weight the scooter can handle according to the manufacturer. This does not necessarily have to be the exact maximum rider’s weight. For example, if your kid is carrying a backpack, this also adds a few lbs to the total weight. What’s more important, if your kid loves to share the ride with his best friend or sibling, you need to make sure that both of them together do not weight more than the scooter can handle. This particularly applies to the smaller, more compact models.Note that some customers reported that the electric scooters for kids they’ve bought could easily handle much more beyond the limit. However, note that the number given in the table is the maximum weight limit suggested by the manufacturer. Hence the manufacturer is not liable for any damage to the product resulting from exceeding this number. This also understood as a misuse of the product and any repairing costs cannot be covered by the warranty.

Age of your Kid – this is another very important parameter. Usually the smaller electric scooters for kids such as Razor E90 or Razor E100 are made with the smaller kids in mind. Hence their specifications are properly adjusted. The size of the frame is smaller, the weight of the scooter is lighter and last but not least, the top speed is lower too. Other electric scooters for kids cater for older children aged 13+. This is due to the scooter’s larger size and more powerful motor engine capable of making higher speeds. Please pay a lot of attention to this parameter. Buying more powerful electric scooters for kids, designated to be used by kids 13+, for a 9 year old child can put their safety under serious risk.

On the other hand, older kids might not be fully satisfied riding the model which is deemed by them to be to small and slow.

Note that some electric scooters for kids presented here, like Razor E300, Currie E-500 or Currie E-750 can also be used by adults! You might take this into account, especially when you don’t mind “borrowing” your kid’s scooter from time to time to do groceries or visit your friends.

Battery range – the maximum battery range is generally similar for most of the electric scooters for kids currently available on the market. This is due to the fact that both Razor and Currie electric scooters for kids are equipped with the motor engines powered by similar set of 2x12v batteries (in total 24V). Although these two producers list the battery range in different units, you can expect roughly the similar ride time from all these models. Note that how long the battery lasts for also depends on other factors such as terrain profile or rider’s weight. More sloppy terrain will require more battery power, while every additional pound of weight will also add a little to the pressure on the battery.

It is worthy mentioning that in usual the battery needs around 5-8 hours to be fully recharged, depending on the model. That’s why it’s recommended to recharge the battery overnight, using the simple wall socket. On the other hand we do not recommend to partially recharge the battery, as this shortens the battery life. In normal circumstances the battery can last for 200-250 full charges before it needs to be recycled and replaced by newer one.

Maximum speed – this criterion speaks for itself. Choose the faster model if you feel that your kid needs more performance and wants to compete with friends. Limit yourself to the slower electric scooters for kids if you have a younger child and you particularly worried about the safety concerns. In all circumstances please ensure that your kids obey the traffic rules, avoid riding the scooter on the public roads and stay away from any potential dangers, such as quickly passing cars.

Dimensions – while the weight of the scooter does not change, the dimensions in some cases can change indeed. This is due to the fact that some electric scooters for kids are equipped with the adjustable handlebar, catering both for taller and smaller kids. The significant benefit of a lighter scooter is also the easiness of carrying it back home in case the battery runs out of power.

Other’s Feedback – the customers’ feedback is an incredibly important factor which one needs to take into account when shopping for the electric scooters for kids. Most of the buyers are caring parents just like you and write their reviews from the same perspective. Hence you can learn more whether the particular model can suit your kid or whether maybe you should look somewhere else. For example if you live in a hilly area, you may notice that some customers complain that the smaller electric scooters for kids do not deal particularly well with steeper ascents. On the other hand, it can be also a perfect motivation for your kid to have a little outdoor workout and use their leg power to combat the more demanding slopes…

Joking aside, spend some time to read the buyers’ feedback. This will indeed help you make a more informed choice.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Scooters

Many kids today are opting for electric scooters over bicycles and skateboards, it is understandable considering how much fun you can have on an electric scooter for kids and given the fact that they are so cool and the closest thing to driving your own car. But how much do you know about these electric scooters? Here are a few facts that you did not know about them.

1. The first electric scooter was actually used as a wheelchair

The electric scooter was invented by Gino Tsai, a Taiwanese president of a large corporation who was having difficulty walking around his corporation. This was as early as 1983 when the concept was created and then they started working towards creating the real deal which was perfected in 1988. The electric scooter was actually meant to be used inside the building and was originally designed for an adult but because of the amount of fun that could be had on it, they created the electric scooters for kids.

2. Modern electric scooters are able to create their own power every time you brake

The makers of these scooters noted that a lot of energy is lost when braking and yet electric scooters need the energy to run. Therefore in order to save you from having to recharge the battery more often, a special device was fitted that can transform kinetic energy into power that can be used by the electric scooter. Hence every time the rider applies the brakes for the scooter, they are actually storing power or creating more power for the battery.

3. Electric scooters for kids should not go faster than 15km/hr

Currently the fastest electric scooter for kids is able to reach a top speed of 15km/hr and it is not advisable for children below 9 years to ride at such speeds. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying an electric scooter for your kids, you should do your research first and read more about which models are appropriate for kids at different ages. Nonetheless electric scooters are able to travel even faster than 15km/h, especially those for adults. The fastest one is able to reach a top speed of 40km/hr and it has a seat to make it more comfortable. Faster electric scooters cost over $1000 dollars because of the technology needed to make them that fast and yet safe.

4. Electric scooters are so cool that even celebrities own them

Some of the celebrities who are known to own electric scooters include Justin Beiber, Jaden Smith, Chris Brown and even Mike TysonChris Brown has ever tried to create dance moves on an electric scooter. Now there is a reason to get your own electric scooter for kids.

5. Electric scooters for kids can actually be adjusted

So that adults can use them as long as they are not too heavy. The difference between those for kids and those for adults is mainly the foot space otherwise most scooters for kids are made strong enough to carry the normal weight of an adult.

Do Your Kids Love to Ride on Electric Scooters? Make Sure They Follow These 5 Safety Tips

Scooters have been around since the 1950s. There have been advancements in their designs and specs in order to make them lightweight and popular. There is even electric scooter for kids.

On a sad note, they have also become the cause of fatal accidents. They are behind the increase in injuries and accidents. Those affected most are boys below the age of 15. Most injuries include fractures, cuts, strains, bruises and sprains.

The hand is the most affected body part, followed by the head, leg and foot. There have even been deaths from scooter accidents.

How then do you protect your child?

1. Use a Helmet

A helmet is very important when it comes to safety. It prevents head injuries and could save from serious harm during a fall. The law in most states also demands the use of a helmet while riding a scooter.

It is a good practice to make your child wear one. There is a range of children helmets. Some even have bright colors and fun designs to appeal to the kids. You can therefore find a right fit for your child.

2. Use protective gear for hands, knees and elbows

As obvious as this safety requirement sounds, do not ignore it. The hands, knees and elbows are among the first parts to touch the ground when the child falls. You can find easy slip-ons for these parts in the shops.

The child can keep these in a backpack, locker or desk when not using them. Other parts also have protective gear but it is not as critical.

3. Dress them in appropriate shoes

Shoes serve additional functionality besides being a fashion accessory. They shield the feet from stray wheels and other random danger on the ground. The feet are at risk of being poked, cut or tickled.

The best shoes while riding a scooter are closed shoes that have a thick sole. They should also protect the ankle. If you are one of those parents allowing kids to ride scooter in sandals, flip-flops and flimsy sandals, it is about time you reconsider this.

4. Consider the weight and height of the child

The weight and height of the child also counts while considering the safety of the ride. Scooters are different and suit different heights and weights. It has to be able to handle the mass and height of your kid safely.

The right scooter is safer than a disproportional one. The manufacturers provide the safety recommendations based on the child’s age. They consider an average height and weight for the given age. However, not all kids fall within the said range.

5. Train the kids properly

Your kids will be safer riding that scooter when they are confident about using it. They should be able to stop suddenly. They need to handle high traffic areas such as make quick stops, make fast turns, and avoid hitting the elderly.

They can start slow on the practice while focusing on areas that are easy to ride before extending other areas of operation. They should practice on the paved parking or driveway first. In addition, they should master how to interact with other road users.

The safety measures that apply to scooters also apply to bicycling and in-line skating. Many injuries can be prevented or lessened by following the safety guidelines above. Helmets shield from about 85 percent of the likely injuries to the head. Elbow pads prevent about 80 percent injuries while knee pads prevent about 30 percent.

Factors you should consider when Buying an Electric Scooter for Kids

Electric scooters are great for children. They add to their fun and give kids the freedom to move around. Children love these kinds of rides especially when sharing them with their friends.
The kids get to have fun on the plain roads, downhill and on rough terrain. Kids electric scooters are the perfect toys for growing children. The scooters are also available in different sizes, models, and contain varying features.

To get you started with the purchase, the following is what to look for while searching for kids electric scooters:

1. Speed

Different kids electric scooters have different speeds. If your kid loves speed or is above 10 years, you should consider getting them a fast scooter. The fast scooters go at about 15 miles per hour maximum speed, and these are non-professional kids electric scooters. This speed is quite fast.

The younger ones or those without experience need a much slower scooter. You can get them scooters that go for up to 10 miles per hour.

2. Safety

Protective accessories such as helmets, knee pads and elbow pads complement the safety of the scooters. However, the scooter also needs to be easy to use. They need to have effective hand breaks, the right size of tyres, twist-grip throttle, and folding kickstands. The kickstand makes it easy to ride and store the scooter.

3. Design and Dimensions

Kids like items based on their look and feel. The most appealing kids electric scooters should therefore match the child’s preferences. The overall performance should also be good.

Examine the dimensions, maximum weight restrictions and the age range of the scooter before purchase. Find an appropriate one for your kid: one that matches their size.

In addition, consider whether the scooter comes with a full-to-wide-sized deck and frame. This gives room for the feet. Also ask yourself if your kid needs a dual platform. The adjustability of the seat and handles also counts.

4. Resilience

The quality of the workmanship of an electric scooter determines whether it is safe for use. Low quality material makes it unsafe and less effective in terms of performance. The best quality ones are made from steel frames, have high torque, lasting batteries and chain driven motors. They are therefore durable.

5. Battery Life

The life of the battery determines whether the scooter will be fun, and the kind of service that it will give you. Long lasting batteries are fun and they let the kids rides over a long distance. So, it is best to go for a long lasting battery for your electric scooter to prevent cutting those fun moments short.

Battery life further determines whether your kid can use it for long rides or not.

The qualities of a great electric scooter include those with safety aspects. They should offer a smooth and delightful ride. The electric scooters also serve both the kids and the teenagers. Additionally, there are those for boys and girls.

Electric scooters are more than a set of wheels and a motor. You have to consider the age of your child. A scooter for your 6 year old son will not be the same as that of your 14 year old daughter.

199$ cheap Bluetooth speaker hoverboard include shipping cost and tax

Anybody who has been surfing on the internet or watching TV for the past months, has been see a new electric scooter called hoverboard has been so popular, even there is some safety accident happened, it still can’t reduce consumer’s enthusiasm. you can easily see someone somewhere riding one of these hoverboard or segway balance scooter,and many people they are planing to buy a hoverboard too.Regrettably, these hoverboards ranges from 199$ to 999$,this makes it hard for select a suitable hoverboard. Fortunately, there are still ways for finding cheap hoverboard online.

Although there are all kinds of hoverboards on the market, they are quite different in appearance and functions, but they are still comes from the basic ideal of hands free movement in the movie ” back to the future”.Similar to the previous Segway scooter, this two wheels hoverboard can move people from place to place effortlessly. Many people have seen these hoverboards featured in videos and television shows how they perform fun tricks with this hands free hoverboard. This hover board is controlled by moving a person’s gravity forward and back.To turn, one turns its gravity to corresponding direction.It is simply easy.

For individuals who would like to own one of these hands free hoverboard, they can get good price on online stores rather than in department store. One can find a basic 6.5 inch hoverboard selling at 199$ even including shipping cost and tax from Alibaba.com, Aliexpress and other individual online shop , they can arrive at you 7-10 days after you have made the payment. However, people can also purchase 6.5 inch hoverboard and other size on Amazon.com, although the price may around 399$, but its quality may better and you can expect better warranty & after sale service,besides, all hoverboard selling on Amazon.com is 100% UL2272 approved hoverboard. The good news is that scooterbest.com online store offer a 6.5 inch Bluetooth hoverboard at 199$, shipping and tax included; the quality is very good for European market. We also offer 6.5 inch UL approved hoverboard at 269$, with the same quality and same 1 year warranty as Amazon did.

UL issued new standards for balance scooters, unmanned aerial vehicles and electric bicycles

On December 20, 2016, UL Standards Development Organization (hereinafter referred to as “UL”) issued three new standards on balance scooter, unmanned aerial vehicles and electric bicycles, the three new standards separately for balancing scooter safety certification, unmanned aerial vehicles electrical system safety, pedal or non pedal type electric bicycle battery management, etc., to further enhance the safety performance of above three products.

For the safety certification of balancing scooter, UL released the second edition of UL 2272 standard which updated on the original UL2272 basis. UL 2272 standard published in early 2016, is a safety testing standard for balanced scooter. The standard was approved in November,2016 by the Canadian National Standards Committee (SCC) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as the national standards for the United States and Canada. It is understood that the second edition of the UL 2272 standard certification has been extended to all electric balance scooter and other personal mobile electric vehicles.

At the same time, UL launched the UL3030 standard for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles. The standard of the unmanned aerial vehicle electrical system make relevant requirements to ensure the security of unmanned aerial vehicles in aerial photography, plant protection survey and other applications,to help the promotion and application of unmanned aerial vehicles in the subdivision industry.

For pedal type and non pedal type electric bicycle battery management, UL updated and released the second edition of UL2849 standard, designed to eliminate the potential risk of electric shock during charging.

Hoverboard is still a funny cool scooter but not practical transportation tool

The most popular selling products in 2016 – hoverboard, also known as self balancing scooter, smart balance wheel etc. Its operation mainly based the theory known as the “dynamic stability” . With the built in gyroscope to determine the body posture, through CPU to calculate the appropriate instructions and drive motor to achieve the balance effect.

In 2002, the balance scooter originator Segway mass produced the first balance scooter in United States, and gradually began to expand its application in the Business side, such as government, police stations, exhibitions and so on. With the opportunity to be displayed on the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games, the balance scooter was gradually entering the Chinese consumer’s vision. With nearly two or three years,some large Chinese manufacturer start production of hoverboards, some designers re-positioning the self balance scooter, hoverboard gradually hot In china and all over the world, 2015-2016 hoverboard market has been relatively rapid growth. The ratio of male consumers to female consumers is about 2: 1. Hoverboard players mainly are males.

Strict sense, hoverboard as a consumer product, the main purpose and use is as short distance travelling. Compared to walking, the obvious advantage is faster and more effort, compared to other public transport tool or car, its advantages are concentrated in flexible , convenient to prevent traffic jams and environmental protection. So hoverboard’s “competitors” is the other means of transport vehicle, such as bicycles, electric bicycles, electric kick scooters and so on. And these needs, given the following requirements to hoverboard:

1.portability: This is the important feature different from bike, that it can carry up and down on public transport, such as subway, can also be easily carried into the residential and office buildings.
2.handling: handling performance should better, can do flexible steering while riding, braking and other control.
3.road adaptability: should adapt to a variety of complex roads, including drive road, sidewalks, bumpy road. And can also successfully pass through the slowdown.
4.practical: driving mileage meet the daily riding needs,driving speed meet the travel demand . Easy to learn and get started, learning time shorter than bike and electric kick scooter.

So from above points, we compare several main hoverboard brand in the market: Segway, Xiaomi, Swagtron, Freego, Freeman, Scooterbest; they have one wheel balance scooter,two wheels knee controlled hoverboard,two wheels handle control hoverboard,we think that the application scope of each hoverboard is different.

One wheel balance scooter is relatively difficult to get started, and don’t suitable for long distance travel by new rider. It is suitable for professional players, or the one pursuit of sports tricks.

one wheel balance scooter

Two wheel knee controlled hoverboard is a suitable choice either from the price or from the weight point . Although it is only two wheels, but its weight is not much heavier than one wheel balance scooter, portability is still good. While the price is only about 200$-300$, most consumer can accept this price. Two wheels knee control hoverboard can meet the needs of daily travel and with certain interest.

two wheels knee controlled hoverboard

Two wheeled handle control hoverboard is the most safe choice among the three styles. The driver can feel the handle, riding security sense and control can be improved. But the price is much more expensive and not close to all people. But if consumer has a strong demand for travel, and the road is relatively bumpy, such as downhill, uneven road, etc., you can consider two wheels hand control hoverboard.

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Currently hoverboard is more interesting than the practicability. Suitable for operate in the open outdoor, the adaptability for complex city road and traffic conditions need to be improved.At the same time if the hoverboard need to get up and down the subway or other public transport,there may be a little inconvenience.

However, hoverboard are now accepted by more and more consumers accept, with the relevant laws and regulations for hoverboard issued,hoverboard may became the mainstream of short distance transportation vehicle combined with safety and interests.