On December 20, 2016, UL Standards Development Organization (hereinafter referred to as “UL”) issued three new standards on balance scooter, unmanned aerial vehicles and electric bicycles, the three new standards separately for balancing scooter safety certification, unmanned aerial vehicles electrical system safety, pedal or non pedal type electric bicycle battery management, etc., to further enhance the safety performance of above three products.

For the safety certification of balancing scooter, UL released the second edition of UL 2272 standard which updated on the original UL2272 basis. UL 2272 standard published in early 2016, is a safety testing standard for balanced scooter. The standard was approved in November,2016 by the Canadian National Standards Committee (SCC) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as the national standards for the United States and Canada. It is understood that the second edition of the UL 2272 standard certification has been extended to all electric balance scooter and other personal mobile electric vehicles.

At the same time, UL launched the UL3030 standard for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles. The standard of the unmanned aerial vehicle electrical system make relevant requirements to ensure the security of unmanned aerial vehicles in aerial photography, plant protection survey and other applications,to help the promotion and application of unmanned aerial vehicles in the subdivision industry.

For pedal type and non pedal type electric bicycle battery management, UL updated and released the second edition of UL2849 standard, designed to eliminate the potential risk of electric shock during charging.