Hoverboard is still a funny cool scooter but not practical transportation tool

The most popular selling products in 2016 – hoverboard, also known as self balancing scooter, smart balance wheel etc. Its operation mainly based the theory known as the “dynamic stability” . With the built in gyroscope to determine the body posture, through CPU to calculate the appropriate instructions and drive motor to achieve the balance effect.

In 2002, the balance scooter originator Segway mass produced the first balance scooter in United States, and gradually began to expand its application in the Business side, such as government, police stations, exhibitions and so on. With the opportunity to be displayed on the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games, the balance scooter was gradually entering the Chinese consumer’s vision. With nearly two or three years,some large Chinese manufacturer start production of hoverboards, some designers re-positioning the self balance scooter, hoverboard gradually hot In china and all over the world, 2015-2016 hoverboard market has been relatively rapid growth. The ratio of male consumers to female consumers is about 2: 1. Hoverboard players mainly are males.

Strict sense, hoverboard as a consumer product, the main purpose and use is as short distance travelling. Compared to walking, the obvious advantage is faster and more effort, compared to other public transport tool or car, its advantages are concentrated in flexible , convenient to prevent traffic jams and environmental protection. So hoverboard’s “competitors” is the other means of transport vehicle, such as bicycles, electric bicycles, electric kick scooters and so on. And these needs, given the following requirements to hoverboard:

1.portability: This is the important feature different from bike, that it can carry up and down on public transport, such as subway, can also be easily carried into the residential and office buildings.
2.handling: handling performance should better, can do flexible steering while riding, braking and other control.
3.road adaptability: should adapt to a variety of complex roads, including drive road, sidewalks, bumpy road. And can also successfully pass through the slowdown.
4.practical: driving mileage meet the daily riding needs,driving speed meet the travel demand . Easy to learn and get started, learning time shorter than bike and electric kick scooter.

So from above points, we compare several main hoverboard brand in the market: Segway, Xiaomi, Swagtron, Freego, Freeman, Scooterbest; they have one wheel balance scooter,two wheels knee controlled hoverboard,two wheels handle control hoverboard,we think that the application scope of each hoverboard is different.

One wheel balance scooter is relatively difficult to get started, and don’t suitable for long distance travel by new rider. It is suitable for professional players, or the one pursuit of sports tricks.

one wheel balance scooter

Two wheel knee controlled hoverboard is a suitable choice either from the price or from the weight point . Although it is only two wheels, but its weight is not much heavier than one wheel balance scooter, portability is still good. While the price is only about 200$-300$, most consumer can accept this price. Two wheels knee control hoverboard can meet the needs of daily travel and with certain interest.

two wheels knee controlled hoverboard

Two wheeled handle control hoverboard is the most safe choice among the three styles. The driver can feel the handle, riding security sense and control can be improved. But the price is much more expensive and not close to all people. But if consumer has a strong demand for travel, and the road is relatively bumpy, such as downhill, uneven road, etc., you can consider two wheels hand control hoverboard.

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Currently hoverboard is more interesting than the practicability. Suitable for operate in the open outdoor, the adaptability for complex city road and traffic conditions need to be improved.At the same time if the hoverboard need to get up and down the subway or other public transport,there may be a little inconvenience.

However, hoverboard are now accepted by more and more consumers accept, with the relevant laws and regulations for hoverboard issued,hoverboard may became the mainstream of short distance transportation vehicle combined with safety and interests.