6.5 inch hoverboard review by 10 years old kids

6.5 inch hoverboard review by 10 years old kids

I am Lily,10 years old.I am very happy today, even can be said to be excited, because i finally got my 6.5 inch hoverboard on hand. I am asking 6.5 inch hoverboard as new year gift for 2017, and my mom bought a UL2272 hoverboard for me from Amazon.com

My hoverboard is very stylish, with stars on the purple shell,like meteor trails crossing the sky. There are two big wheels around, like a small tank. Of course, the hoverboard has two foot pedals, the two foot pedals can be used to induction, control and start of hoverboard, it’s moving forward, backward, circular can not do without the foot pedals ! Although there is no bike basket which can be loaded a lot of things, , but its quality, appearance, performance, safety are super cool, very dynamic and fashion !

When it move, black gride of both sides of the hoverboard will become a “rainbow.” It also has a Bluetooth function, when the music sounded, the speed and passion dance together.

I frightened to stand on the hoverboard, leaning on my mon and began to practice. I am very pround to say that my balance sense is in the first-class, after loosen my mom’s hand, I have been moving forward, backward, turn even squat and stand up, I have been controlled my hoverboard fluently !

I love my 6.5 inch hoverboard, it is my favorite ! I love my mom too !