Morgan EV3 Junior: retro electric three wheels scooters for kids

three wheel electric scooter for kids

Really envy the children now, they can “soared” from the starting line….

People who like retro cars must have heard brand of Morgan, the British car company Morgan was famous because they manufacture unique retro tricycle , such as last year’s Geneva Motor Show they exhibited an electric tri wheel scooter EV3. And for family who can afford Morgan, if the children want one too ? It does not matter, there are Morgan EV3 Junior Edition.

Morgan EV3 Junior three wheels electric car for kids

From the picture above we can see, EV3 Junior is a small version EV3 Morgan made for children. EV3 Junior is made of carbon fiber, as well as wooden dashboard and hand-sewn leather. With head lights, there are real suspension, and Morgan claims that each order can be personalized made. The result is that Morgan is charged a price of $10,000 for EV3 Junior.

So what about its performance? According to official data, EV3 Junior has a driving mileage of 16km, the highest speed is 16km/h, almost same with mini Tesla Model S ( around 500$ ) and Actev Arrow Kart (around 999$), Next door McLaren P1 children electric car (5km / h) can only see EV3 Junior’s taillights.

For the restless children, they may not know how to care for their own car, hit a tree or hit next door child’s mini Tesla for a bumper car race are likely to happen, so give the future EV3 Junior buyer a word (even if you really want to buy): a small dream is not a bad thing.