Arrow Smart Kart: real electric go kart for kids

Arrow smart electric go kart for kids

Today i would like to introduce a real electric go kart for kids to parents and friends, so that you have an good choice to choose gift for your kids or your friends.

Arrow Smart Kart aims for kids age of 5-9 years old, it is using two independent rear motor as a driving force source, 250 watt motor can push this 33kg Arrow Smart Kart to the highest speed of 19km/h, parents do not have to worry about endurance problems, Arrow Smart Kart has full battery capacity of 2000mAh, enough to let the restless child happy to play for 45-60 minutes.

Parents can also increase the expansion of the battery pack, so that the driving mileage can be longer. More importantly, the kart can be used with mobile phone app, through the WiFi connection settings so that parents can easily adjust the speed and stalls of Arrow Smart Kart on the cell phone, and can use the car’s own GPS to limit Arrow Smart Kart’s activities range to avoid the risk of their own child rushing everywhere.

And Arrow Smart Kart’s front is also equipped with a heavyweight function: anti collision prediction system, if there are obstacles and other things in front, the Arrow smart kart will automatically brake to avoid any potential risks, so that parents will at ease any time.

Well, have you been impressed ? its price only starting at $999, you can vist Arrow Smart Kart official site ( ) to purchase directly.