How to Choose the Right Electric Scooters for Kids

There are several factors every person buying electric scooters for kids needs to take into account when making a purchase. Although different models currently available on the market share some similarities, each of them comes with a set of unique features. These parameters determine what kind of person the scooter is suitable for and can [...]

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UL issued new standards for balance scooters, unmanned aerial vehicles and electric bicycles

On December 20, 2016, UL Standards Development Organization (hereinafter referred to as “UL”) issued three new standards on balance scooter, unmanned aerial vehicles and electric bicycles, the three new standards separately for balancing scooter safety certification, unmanned aerial vehicles electrical system safety, pedal or non pedal type electric bicycle battery management, etc., to further enhance [...]

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6.5 inch hoverboard review by 10 years old kids

I am Lily,10 years old.I am very happy today, even can be said to be excited, because i finally got my 6.5 inch hoverboard on hand. I am asking 6.5 inch hoverboard as new year gift for 2018, and my mom bought a UL2272 hoverboard for me from My hoverboard is very stylish, with stars on the purple shell,like meteor trails [...]

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