Arrow Smart Kart: real electric go kart for kids

Today i would like to introduce a real electric go kart for kids to parents and friends, so that you have an good choice to choose gift for your kids or your friends.

Arrow Smart Kart aims for kids age of 5-9 years old, it is using two independent rear motor as a driving force source, 250 watt motor can push this 33kg Arrow Smart Kart to the highest speed of 19km/h, parents do not have to worry about endurance problems, Arrow Smart Kart has full battery capacity of 2000mAh, enough to let the restless child happy to play for 45-60 minutes.

Parents can also increase the expansion of the battery pack, so that the driving mileage can be longer. More importantly, the kart can be used with mobile phone app, through the WiFi connection settings so that parents can easily adjust the speed and stalls of Arrow Smart Kart on the cell phone, and can use the car’s own GPS to limit Arrow Smart Kart’s activities range to avoid the risk of their own child rushing everywhere.

And Arrow Smart Kart’s front is also equipped with a heavyweight function: anti collision prediction system, if there are obstacles and other things in front, the Arrow smart kart will automatically brake to avoid any potential risks, so that parents will at ease any time.

Well, have you been impressed ? its price only starting at $999, you can vist Arrow Smart Kart official site ( ) to purchase directly.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy An Electric Balance Scooter For Your Kids

Electric balance scooters for kids are certainly one of the most popular toys after 2016. It seems as if children of all ages are requesting possession of an electric balance scooter. These toys should be considered a little more serious than your common toy. However, there is some top reasons you should buy your kids an electric balance scooter, please see below 5 top reasons:

1. Electric balance scooters are bring a lot of fun to your kids.

2. They’ll teach your kids some essential security tips as long as they start to ride the electric balance scooter.

3. They’re a toy that won’t exit of fashion and with correct maintenance should longer far beyond the standard toys we purchase for our kids.

4. Electric balance scooter is an age appropriate toy that can provide your kids a sense of independence.

5. Although electric balance scooters are a little expensive, their long life span far worthy the cost of the scooter.

Most children will became bored of a toy they receive and shortly lose all curiosity in it. Nonetheless, with an electric balance scooter, this isn’t the case. As long as a kid has a optimistic expertise on the balance scooter, he or she is going to stay concerned with it for a very long time. At least, till they’re no longer able to enjoy it due to their measurement or weight. Because they can participate with kids around them.Even when your kids grow up, they may still show some interests on the electric balance scooter, as they can play some more trips which they can’t play when they are young.

However, please note that the electric balance scooter you purchase for your kids is suitable for his age and in the right size. Buying an electric balance scooter that is simply too giant for your kids may end in loss of control and get damaged. Although the electric balance scooters do not go too quick, for a toddler the speed is greater than sufficient to hurt them if they lose control of the scooter.

If you’re considering buying an electric balance scooter for your son or daughter, be sure you look into the manufacturers and solely purchase from a reputable seller or provider. It is also important for you to also buy your child the suitable safety gear with their electric balance scooter. Teach your kids how to put the gear on the proper approach to ensure they’re protected as much as possible always.

How to choose suitable electric scooters for your kids ?

Seeing a little kid – or a woman riding an electric scooter on the road, seems to be usual nowadays. These electric scooters are very fashionable because they’re extremely nice and are very practical method of transportation. And due to its popularity, there are may electric scooters that are available in the market and it is really hard to choose which one is the best and most suitable  for your kids ; so if you are planing to buy one electric scooter for your kids then listed below are some guidelines which you should read.

The very first thing is check the ages of your kid. A self balancing electric scooter is generally purchased for teenagers aged six to twelve years old. While the kick electric scooter work best for your little children. In case your child is a little bit older than fifteen, buy an precise motorbike kind scooter will be much better.

Legal guidelines: Before you go and purchase your child an electric scooter, better verify with the native laws that governed in using scooters by kids. Especially if you’re in an exclusive subdivision, use of scooter could be slightly restrictive so better examine first the laws if it is allowing a child to drive electric scooters.

Worth and Model: Several electric scooters model are in the marketplace and they arrive in different specification, options, effectiveness and value. If you do not know which brand is better, then better ask a neighbor or a good friend that had bought one. It can be a clever thought as effectively to keep away from those scooters that are very low-cost and manufacturers that aren’t that nicely recognized. However, there are new manufacturers that are reliable and trustworthy additionally. The thing here’s to do a little analysis first.

Safety Options: Your child should learn riding these electric scooters and it’s a must that they learn all of those issues in a safe means. When shopping for electric scooters for your children, you must examine what is the available security features with it. Recently, a lot of development in secure-driving has been implemented and had been built-in to electric scooters. So except for buying you kid with helmets, elbow pads and knee pads, check what kind of safety gadget will be coming with these electric scooters should be an important factor when you consider buying an electric scooter or not.

With all this stuff above, you’re ready to purchase an electric scooter for your kids. But of course, other than all the rules mentioned above, check your kids’ preferences as well: what color does she or he like, the size of the electric scooter, and so on. If you are unsure what is your kids’ preferences, then ask him or her or even take him alongside when you buy the scooter for him or her. Scooters are nice presents and it is one thing that your kis would really recognize. It’s a toy for most kids and although these things won’t last ceaselessly, the smiles out of your kids’ faces when he or she see his or her first scooter is priceless.

Electric Kick Scooters For Teenagers

For teenagers nothing delivers fun like battery powered electric kick scooters. Gasoline powered scooters have traditionally offer enjoyable moments for teenagers as well as the usual kick scooter. With the emergence of the green movement electric kick scooters have rapidly earned their place as a viable option. What’s all of the truth about teenager electric kick scooters and are they really worth is ? The easy answer is yes and here are the reasons:

Easy to Use – The electric motor allows teenagers to keep up with adults and their older neighbors. They’ve the choice to either use their foot or the motor for movement. These scooters also foldable which makes storing them a piece of cake.

Secure Speed – Teenagers like feeling in control and free from parental restraint. While the electric kick scooter will provide that freedom, adults will haven’t any downside keeping up with their teenagers. Most electric  kick scooters on the market speed ranges between 8-15 mph depending on different road situations.

Durability – Electric kick scooters are made of durable aluminum body so as to protect the batteries and motor. The electric kick scooter manufacturers are also aware that even low cost electric kick scooters need to bearing maximum 70kg load and have constructed them to do so.

Modifications –Teenagers love modifying toys which offers them a way of ownership, it is theirs and no one else’s. Scooters will be personalized in lots of different ways together with altering the wheels, upgrading the batteries, and sometimes the motor. Teenagers can additionally spray paint on the electric kick scooter deck, place stickers on them, and improve foothold with grip tape.

Range – Electric kick scooters offer 25km to 80km driving mileage. While driver ride the electric kick scooter in a smooth speed, it can run longer. However, the main factors for driving mileage are three: battery measurement, weight of rider and road situation.

Safety – Electric kick scooters do not require fuel which means that the teenager is not need to deal with unsafe petroleum. These scooters are additionally steady on their two wheels they provide stability around turns. As talked about, electric powered kick scooters have diversified speeds relying on the scooter, allowing parents to determine what scooter best suites their teenager’s need.

Reliability – As talked about, the aluminum frame may be very inflexible and all electric kick scooters are backed by a manufacturer warranty. If they don’t seem to provide, I’d suggest avoiding that kind of scooter. Not all low cost electric scooters are necessarily poor quality, their price discount is greater if you talk to the manufacturer or seller sincerely.

10 inch UL2272 certificate approved Halo Rover SUV hoverboard

Be hold the most well liked 10 inch hoverboard available on the market ! That is the most recent model of self balancing scooter designed for terrain, control, velocity, tricks, and magnificence. The Halo Rover Hoverboard with 10 inch wheels give the rider extra stability and the ability to maneuver extra unstable terrain. You may easily experience this hoverboard over grass, gravel, dirt, and different uneven terrain. Besides, it has been UL2272 approved, which make it safest 10 inch SUV hoverbaord on the market.

This segway board is not like something you have got seen before. That is the very best hoverboard that hoverboard occasions has reviewed thus far. Not only is it sleek, highly effective, and durable; additionally it is one of the most cost effective hoverboards now we have seen. It’s not low cost quality but the worth is basically low. So in abstract; prime quality, low value, 10 inch wheels and a Carbon Black design. What more could we ask for?

Severely, if you want a durable, fast, highly effective hoverboard then this is your finest wager! Compared aspect by facet the 10 inch hoverboard and the 6.5 inch hoverboards are very comparable in feel and appear. The most important difference is that the ten inch hoverboard will get you increased off the bottom and naturally will let you do more off terrain riding. The largest draw back to the ten inch hoverboards is that they’ve tires that should be pumped up occasionally. Then once more it is rather like having a bike and preserving it’s tires inflated. These ten inch segways are going tremendous quick and this is the last mannequin available anywhere! Get it whereas you still can or strive considered one of our other boards we have now reviewed below.

Packaging Details: paper carton with foam, one piece per carton. Over 10 years expertise in exporting enterprise, good fame in electric scooter area.

Warranty policy: To be our VIP clients,you can get the 1st hand information earlier than your opponents. Even so we still provide 1 year warranty time. We have now 2 options as follows to solve defective scooter although only around 0.3% defective rate we have seen for now . 1}.in case you have any repairmen (or cooperate along with your local repair store),the issue could be solved at your local place. 2),if you don’t have any repairmen,the problem cannot be solved at your country. Please return again to China by EMS or Put up. We are able to restore nicely for you with none extra price (besides man-made harm). We cannot cover transport value if inside normal defective charge. If over normal defective charge,we’ll take 50% of the delivery value for send back. For different purchasers the order quantity is less than 200pcs monthly. The guarantee time can also be 12 months, if there’s quality downside, we are able to repair it free (besides the man-made harm). Clients must pay all of the transport price. Or the defective scooter will probably be send again together along with your new order

2 wheels 10 inch self balance scooter

10 inch self balance scooter designed to give riders an exciting riding experience with minimum studying time. This hands free two wheels stand up scooter makes use of gyroscope sensors to achieve self-balancing functions. The internal workings of the scooter use gyro sensors, a 350 watts brushless dc motor and a set of rechargeable Lithium ion battery pack. Users can manage the scooter to go forward, speed up, decelerate , break or reverse, by leaning its body gravity forward or leaning backwards. This scooter is an inexperienced and helpful product in public commuting. It may be easily carried round on public bus, car truck or subway. Also it’s a funny entertainment scooter rather than just a commuting tool. Currently CE, FCC, ROHS,UL 2272, SAA, MSDS, UN38.3 Certificates available.

Its exclusive features as follows:

Physique posture sensor: There are 2 superior gyroscope plus gravity accelerator, make you flip around as shut as your physique,that is why it is also being called hoverboard.
Computerized shutdown: If it is activate and not use it for a long time, the sensible scooter will flip off by itself to protected energy to go further.
Energy show: There are three colors ( green, orange and pink ) to show the amount of electricity, when it turns crimson, meaning it’s essential to stop it.
Lightweight car physique material: ABS mixed with PP body materials, strong put on-resisting, by no means deformation.
Reliable battery just like the blood:adopt Samsung 18650 lithium ion battery cells, a thousand instances deep cycles without damage to the battery, bigger capability, 20 km milleage after solely 120 minutes single charging.
Easy to operate: To show left or proper, the rider simply moves the foot on left or right pedal. Stand straightly, you will cease shifting.
More options: this 10 inch self balance scooter comes with extra options such as carry bag, Bluetooth speaker, mobile app control. With the high quality Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy music come from you cellphone ( or other Bluetooth device ) in a loud level under other’s envy eyes. The mobile app control unit ensures you to fully master your 10 inch self balance scooter with just an app installed on your cellphone, either Android or IOS system based cellphone.

China is becoming world's major electric vehicles production base

China will soon become the world’s major production base of electric vehicles, more and more car manufacturers have made strategy of developing electric vehicles in the Chinese market.

“China’s lithium battery industry is becoming the world’s strongest,” said Simon Morse, general manager of the UK’s benchmark mining intelligence (a company that collects price data and evaluates the supply chain for the lithium battery industry). He recently said in an interview with the Chinese media that there are very large lithium battery factories, most of the new lithium battery production capacity concentrated in China.

Simon Moore said that although the ultra-large lithium battery factory began in Tesla, but China’s lithium battery production giants such as BYD, new energy (ATL) and Lishen’s 70% new factories are located in China.

He also said that we also see that Japanese and Korean battery manufacturers are also building super-giant factories in China. China’s lithium battery production in 2020 will reaches to 62% of the world.

According to the British benchmark mining information, China’s lithium battery factory production capacity is currently 16.4 GWh, by 2020 the total output will reach 107.5 GWh.

The increasement in demand for electric vehicles, the Government strengthen the requirements of energy-saving lamps and other factors such as hoverboard and other smart electric scooter consumes more and more battery,have contributed to the development of lithium battery market.

“The global market is experiencing rapid changes,from smaller battery vehicles moving towards large electric cars.” “The increase in electric bicycles in China is also an important factor, and gasoline engine cars are being replaced by electric cars,” Morse said.

He also said if after full charge a car can run 230 miles (about 370 km), and the price is reasonable, then the electric car market really ushered in a great development period. He predicted that three years later this period will come.

Moore said investing in lithium batteries and working with major technology companies to build new types of electric vehicles is very important to China and will keep China in a leading position.

“China may become the world ‘s leading Chinese electric car and Western brands of electric car production base, in the cooperation basis, China will firmly seize this opportunity.”

Why electric car

Ford has just announced the development of electric vehicle strategy in China. Ford Motor plans to move 70 percent of electric vehicles to China by 2025.

Reported that Tesla 7 billion USD turnover in 2016, while 1 billion USD achieve in China, the company president said several years later China will account for the company’s largest global sales share.

Volkswagen’s president recently said that their new I.D. electric car take into account the Chinese market during design. The company plans to sell more than 1 million electric cars yearly before 2025.

At the same time. Chinese electric car maker BYD has an impact in the US market, they are selling electric buses and electric trucks to customers. BYD is supported by US investors Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway.

Automotive industry analysts believe that the reasons for the development of China’s electric car market mainly for two main factors. One is the expansion of the surplus population in the Chinese population, and they want to drive luxury cars such as Tesla, because these car can be more durable, powerful, and eyesight attracting.Another is the population distribution factor. More and more Chinese population flood into large cities, enjoy the better education and training there, farmers flood into large cities to get employment. These people need means of transport besides railways and buses , and small electric cars such as electric bicycles and balance scooters are more suitable for them to use in crowded cities.

Inmotion S1 electric bike-combine sports and traveling together

Recently smart electric hoverboard brand Inmotion released its first higher-end electric bikes-the S1,this is the first attemptation Inmotion have taken into electric bikes . So what is the features of this electric bike? Let’s explain it to you:

From the exterior appearance, the bike has kept the simple product style of Inmotion, electric bike body without a redundant part, with matte black paint in color which make it more texture.
S1 electric bike’s most feature is its unique wheel which adopt the three-spoke hub wheel design, using Japan’s Toray T700 carbon fibre shaping,light weighted and easy to clean, 4 Palin-style wheels with low wind resistance.

Inmotion S1 electric bike
The electric bike frame made of integrated aluminum body,has been pass European Ebike standards, hidden line design with 360 °radiant interface.
S1 has a professional level 10-speed shifting system.The shifting system is to ensure a comfortable ride speed in any terrain or any gradient.It effectively improve the riding efficiency ,and rider has more speed options when facing with different situations. More gear means you can get a broader range of your pedaling speed.
S1 electric bike has built-in DC motor and torque sensor system, intelligent matching and induct rider’s pedaling during riding, smart regulate motor output according to the road conditions and rider’s subjective intention requirements, , sthus providing the perfect riding experience to rider.
It adopts LCD high definition digital display instrument panel, combined with modern minimalist design and technology, light and thin. The driving data are clearly visible. Customized functions to meet the needs of four riding modes,ensure full screen visual proportion,at the same time, seamlessly using keystrokes to operate.

The S1 electric bike detailed technical specifications as below:
Motor:250W DC motor
Battery: 36V 5.8Ah lithium ion battery pack
Charging hours: 2.5-3.5 hours
Maxium load: 100kg
Driving mileage: about 60km
Climbing ability: 15 degree
Size: 148x56x96cm
Gross Weight: 15KG

Anti theft smart electric bike with app

Recently, famous electric scooter brand fwheel released a smart electric bike, named D1. The D1 smart electric bike, with intelligent APP, combine positioning, anti theft, path query and other functions in one. its size is small and lightweight, even a lady can carry it with just one hand.

Anti theft smart electric bike with app

One of the brightest spot of D1, is its built-in GPS anti-theft system, combined with the APP, can achieve the following functions:

1.One key lock the electric bike

2. electronic fence, when your electric bike is moved without permission, app will immediately remind the owner.

3. The app can real-time recording the trajectory during the ride, after theft, you can also get the real-time movement track and positioning of the electric bike even its electricity is not turned on.

4. It can also be folded easily and put into the trunk, in the last few kilometers which the car can not reach , it can replace your feet walking.

Detailed technical of D1 smart electric bike as follows:

Model: D1 smart electric bike
Material: Alluminum Alloy
Folding size:105x70x20cm
Open size: 105x70x50cm
Deck height: 20cm above ground
Gross weight: 12-14kg
Maximum Load: 120k
Rated Speed: 20km/h
Maximum speed: 30km/h ( can be adjustable by app)
Driving mileage:20-50km
Climbing Ability: 15 Degree
Braking system: rear and front disc brake
Battery: 36V 4.4Ah/40ah lithium ion battery
Motor power: 350w
Charging voltage: 100-240v 50/60hz

Anyone interested in this D1 smart electric bike, can visit fwheel website for more details: .

Protective gears you need to have for bike riding

Riding a bicycle is amazing, but you’d better prepare some necessary protective gears before riding, so you will be always safety and get your self better exercised.

1. Head:it is necessary to wear a helmet while riding a bike.
2. Eyes:it is necessary to have goggles or sunglasses to anti sand, reduce glare and so on.
3. Nose: you can have an optional magic scarf, bring it during ride on the road as possible as you can, otherwise it would not a happy moment to clean your nose.
4. Neck: you can have an optional collar or scarf, POLO style or line style.Riding in the daytime would make your neck easily burned by sun.
5. Arm: optional sleeves, sun shine proof.
6. Elbow: optional elbow protection pads to tighten the muscles and protect your elbow if fall down.
7. Wrist: optional wrist protection pads.
8. Hand: it is necessary to wear gloves, half fingers covered glove is light, but fully covered gloves can protect you better.
9. Body: optional riding clothes, if you do not like to wear riding clothes you can choose other slim clothes, the clothes should not be too loose.
10. Leg: Necessary have protection clothes for legs, if you don’t have riding pants, then wear a tight four corners underwear, to avoid inner leg friction caused by abrasions.
11. Knee: optional knee pads, better to have a pair so that it can tighten the muscles and protect your knees.
12. Ankle: optional, foot wrap or good elasticity socks.
13. Foot: it is necessary to have a pair of hard bottom and low upper shoes, breathable or not depends on personal preferences.