Anti theft smart electric bike with app

Recently, famous electric scooter brand fwheel released a smart electric bike, named D1. The D1 smart electric bike, with intelligent APP, combine positioning, anti theft, path query and other functions in one. its size is small and lightweight, even a lady can carry it with just one hand.

Anti theft smart electric bike with app

One of the brightest spot of D1, is its built-in GPS anti-theft system, combined with the APP, can achieve the following functions:

1.One key lock the electric bike

2. electronic fence, when your electric bike is moved without permission, app will immediately remind the owner.

3. The app can real-time recording the trajectory during the ride, after theft, you can also get the real-time movement track and positioning of the electric bike even its electricity is not turned on.

4. It can also be folded easily and put into the trunk, in the last few kilometers which the car can not reach , it can replace your feet walking.

Detailed technical of D1 smart electric bike as follows:

Model: D1 smart electric bike
Material: Alluminum Alloy
Folding size:105x70x20cm
Open size: 105x70x50cm
Deck height: 20cm above ground
Gross weight: 12-14kg
Maximum Load: 120k
Rated Speed: 20km/h
Maximum speed: 30km/h ( can be adjustable by app)
Driving mileage:20-50km
Climbing Ability: 15 Degree
Braking system: rear and front disc brake
Battery: 36V 4.4Ah/40ah lithium ion battery
Motor power: 350w
Charging voltage: 100-240v 50/60hz

Anyone interested in this D1 smart electric bike, can visit fwheel website for more details: .