How to Choose the Right Electric Scooters for Kids

There are several factors every person buying electric scooters for kids needs to take into account when making a purchase. Although different models currently available on the market share some similarities, each of them comes with a set of unique features. These parameters determine what kind of person the scooter is suitable for and can drastically influence the riding experience. Below we explain how should you understand all these parameters in order to choose the right model matching yours and your child’s needs.

Factors you should consider

Rider Weight Limit – this is the recommended total maximum weight the scooter can handle according to the manufacturer. This does not necessarily have to be the exact maximum rider’s weight. For example, if your kid is carrying a backpack, this also adds a few lbs to the total weight. What’s more important, if your kid loves to share the ride with his best friend or sibling, you need to make sure that both of them together do not weight more than the scooter can handle. This particularly applies to the smaller, more compact models.Note that some customers reported that the electric scooters for kids they’ve bought could easily handle much more beyond the limit. However, note that the number given in the table is the maximum weight limit suggested by the manufacturer. Hence the manufacturer is not liable for any damage to the product resulting from exceeding this number. This also understood as a misuse of the product and any repairing costs cannot be covered by the warranty.

Age of your Kid – this is another very important parameter. Usually the smaller electric scooters for kids such as Razor E90 or Razor E100 are made with the smaller kids in mind. Hence their specifications are properly adjusted. The size of the frame is smaller, the weight of the scooter is lighter and last but not least, the top speed is lower too. Other electric scooters for kids cater for older children aged 13+. This is due to the scooter’s larger size and more powerful motor engine capable of making higher speeds. Please pay a lot of attention to this parameter. Buying more powerful electric scooters for kids, designated to be used by kids 13+, for a 9 year old child can put their safety under serious risk.

On the other hand, older kids might not be fully satisfied riding the model which is deemed by them to be to small and slow.

Note that some electric scooters for kids presented here, like Razor E300, Currie E-500 or Currie E-750 can also be used by adults! You might take this into account, especially when you don’t mind “borrowing” your kid’s scooter from time to time to do groceries or visit your friends.

Battery range – the maximum battery range is generally similar for most of the electric scooters for kids currently available on the market. This is due to the fact that both Razor and Currie electric scooters for kids are equipped with the motor engines powered by similar set of 2x12v batteries (in total 24V). Although these two producers list the battery range in different units, you can expect roughly the similar ride time from all these models. Note that how long the battery lasts for also depends on other factors such as terrain profile or rider’s weight. More sloppy terrain will require more battery power, while every additional pound of weight will also add a little to the pressure on the battery.

It is worthy mentioning that in usual the battery needs around 5-8 hours to be fully recharged, depending on the model. That’s why it’s recommended to recharge the battery overnight, using the simple wall socket. On the other hand we do not recommend to partially recharge the battery, as this shortens the battery life. In normal circumstances the battery can last for 200-250 full charges before it needs to be recycled and replaced by newer one.

Maximum speed – this criterion speaks for itself. Choose the faster model if you feel that your kid needs more performance and wants to compete with friends. Limit yourself to the slower electric scooters for kids if you have a younger child and you particularly worried about the safety concerns. In all circumstances please ensure that your kids obey the traffic rules, avoid riding the scooter on the public roads and stay away from any potential dangers, such as quickly passing cars.

Dimensions – while the weight of the scooter does not change, the dimensions in some cases can change indeed. This is due to the fact that some electric scooters for kids are equipped with the adjustable handlebar, catering both for taller and smaller kids. The significant benefit of a lighter scooter is also the easiness of carrying it back home in case the battery runs out of power.

Other’s Feedback – the customers’ feedback is an incredibly important factor which one needs to take into account when shopping for the electric scooters for kids. Most of the buyers are caring parents just like you and write their reviews from the same perspective. Hence you can learn more whether the particular model can suit your kid or whether maybe you should look somewhere else. For example if you live in a hilly area, you may notice that some customers complain that the smaller electric scooters for kids do not deal particularly well with steeper ascents. On the other hand, it can be also a perfect motivation for your kid to have a little outdoor workout and use their leg power to combat the more demanding slopes…

Joking aside, spend some time to read the buyers’ feedback. This will indeed help you make a more informed choice.