2 wheels 10 inch self balance scooter

Mercury Dynamic M1 three wheels folding electric kick scooter

10 inch self balance scooter designed to give riders an exciting riding experience with minimum studying time. This hands free two wheels stand up scooter makes use of gyroscope sensors to achieve self-balancing functions. The internal workings of the scooter use gyro sensors, a 350 watts brushless dc motor and a set of rechargeable Lithium ion battery pack. Users can manage the scooter to go forward, speed up, decelerate , break or reverse, by leaning its body gravity forward or leaning backwards. This scooter is an inexperienced and helpful product in public commuting. It may be easily carried round on public bus, car truck or subway. Also it’s a funny entertainment scooter rather than just a commuting tool. Currently CE, FCC, ROHS,UL 2272, SAA, MSDS, UN38.3 Certificates available.

Its exclusive features as follows:

Physique posture sensor: There are 2 superior gyroscope plus gravity accelerator, make you flip around as shut as your physique,that is why it is also being called hoverboard.
Computerized shutdown: If it is activate and not use it for a long time, the sensible scooter will flip off by itself to protected energy to go further.
Energy show: There are three colors ( green, orange and pink ) to show the amount of electricity, when it turns crimson, meaning it’s essential to stop it.
Lightweight car physique material: ABS mixed with PP body materials, strong put on-resisting, by no means deformation.
Reliable battery just like the blood:adopt Samsung 18650 lithium ion battery cells, a thousand instances deep cycles without damage to the battery, bigger capability, 20 km milleage after solely 120 minutes single charging.
Easy to operate: To show left or proper, the rider simply moves the foot on left or right pedal. Stand straightly, you will cease shifting.
More options: this 10 inch self balance scooter comes with extra options such as carry bag, Bluetooth speaker, mobile app control. With the high quality Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy music come from you cellphone ( or other Bluetooth device ) in a loud level under other’s envy eyes. The mobile app control unit ensures you to fully master your 10 inch self balance scooter with just an app installed on your cellphone, either Android or IOS system based cellphone.