Inmotion S1 electric bike-combine sports and traveling together

Recently smart electric hoverboard brand Inmotion released its first higher-end electric bikes-the S1,this is the first attemptation Inmotion have taken into electric bikes . So what is the features of this electric bike? Let’s explain it to you:

From the exterior appearance, the bike has kept the simple product style of Inmotion, electric bike body without a redundant part, with matte black paint in color which make it more texture.
S1 electric bike’s most feature is its unique wheel which adopt the three-spoke hub wheel design, using Japan’s Toray T700 carbon fibre shaping,light weighted and easy to clean, 4 Palin-style wheels with low wind resistance.

Inmotion S1 electric bike
The electric bike frame made of integrated aluminum body,has been pass European Ebike standards, hidden line design with 360 °radiant interface.
S1 has a professional level 10-speed shifting system.The shifting system is to ensure a comfortable ride speed in any terrain or any gradient.It effectively improve the riding efficiency ,and rider has more speed options when facing with different situations. More gear means you can get a broader range of your pedaling speed.
S1 electric bike has built-in DC motor and torque sensor system, intelligent matching and induct rider’s pedaling during riding, smart regulate motor output according to the road conditions and rider’s subjective intention requirements, , sthus providing the perfect riding experience to rider.
It adopts LCD high definition digital display instrument panel, combined with modern minimalist design and technology, light and thin. The driving data are clearly visible. Customized functions to meet the needs of four riding modes,ensure full screen visual proportion,at the same time, seamlessly using keystrokes to operate.

The S1 electric bike detailed technical specifications as below:
Motor:250W DC motor
Battery: 36V 5.8Ah lithium ion battery pack
Charging hours: 2.5-3.5 hours
Maxium load: 100kg
Driving mileage: about 60km
Climbing ability: 15 degree
Size: 148x56x96cm
Gross Weight: 15KG