199$ cheap Bluetooth speaker hoverboard include shipping cost and tax

Free shipping 6.5 inch hoverboard with Bluetooth speaker at 199$ in red color

Anybody who has been surfing on the internet or watching TV for the past months, has been see a new electric scooter called hoverboard has been so popular, even there is some safety accident happened, it still can’t reduce consumer’s enthusiasm. you can easily see someone somewhere riding one of these hoverboard or segway balance scooter,and many people they are planing to buy a hoverboard too.Regrettably, these hoverboards ranges from 199$ to 999$,this makes it hard for select a suitable hoverboard. Fortunately, there are still ways for finding cheap hoverboard online.

Although there are all kinds of hoverboards on the market, they are quite different in appearance and functions, but they are still comes from the basic ideal of hands free movement in the movie ” back to the future”.Similar to the previous Segway scooter, this two wheels hoverboard can move people from place to place effortlessly. Many people have seen these hoverboards featured in videos and television shows how they perform fun tricks with this hands free hoverboard. This hover board is controlled by moving a person’s gravity forward and back.To turn, one turns its gravity to corresponding direction.It is simply easy.

For individuals who would like to own one of these hands free hoverboard, they can get good price on online stores rather than in department store. One can find a basic 6.5 inch hoverboard selling at 199$ even including shipping cost and tax from Alibaba.com, Aliexpress and other individual online shop , they can arrive at you 7-10 days after you have made the payment. However, people can also purchase 6.5 inch hoverboard and other size on Amazon.com, although the price may around 399$, but its quality may better and you can expect better warranty & after sale service,besides, all hoverboard selling on Amazon.com is 100% UL2272 approved hoverboard. The good news is that scooterbest.com online store offer a 6.5 inch Bluetooth hoverboard at 199$, shipping and tax included; the quality is very good for European market. We also offer 6.5 inch UL approved hoverboard at 269$, with the same quality and same 1 year warranty as Amazon did.