What can hoverboard manufacturer learn from hoverboard recall ?

On 6th July 2016 , the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that the self balance hoverboard has been involved in 99 accidents in 29 states of United States, resulting in economic losses of 2 million US dollars,so CPSC decided to recall 500,000 pcs of hoverboard in the market, involving hoverboards from 10 companies.

6.5 inch self balancing hoverboard

The 10 companies include eight brand names such as Swagway, Razor and AirWalkz, as well as two retailers, Overstock.com and Boscov’s. In terms of quantity, Swagway who involved about 267,000 Swagway X1 hoverboard impacted most.

CPSC asked consumers immediately stop using hoverboard on the hand, contact the dealer or sales company, returned the hoverboard and ask for a full amount refund, some brands with newly listing UL2272 certificate, need to replace UL2272 approved hoverboard with the exist hoverboard and don’t need to arrange a refund.
Some people say that this may be the final clean up for bad quality hoverboard, in the future, UL2272 approved hoverboard has a big market potential.However, you should pay attention to those who buying these bad quality hoverboard at low price , and reselling them to the market with a new label,and resulting in a vicious circle to the whole hoverboard industry.

How do hoverboard manufacturers think about the recall ?

US government one-size-fits-all means of recall in such scale, many hoverboard industry insider expressed helplessness of this approach, they do not have any room for reversal, since most of the hoverboard quality is reliable, too many innocent by this recall.

How do consumers think about the recall ?

All consumers have said that hoverboard quality problems, or potential risks, business owners must be responsible, the Government’s approach is right, manufacturers and sellers have no reason to let the problem hoverboard enter into the market.

How do Media think about the recall ?

Public media said that they know the hoverboard was booming in such a fast speed,that the entire supply chain are not keeping up with the development of the hoverboard, each link has a problem and lead to such an outcome, but this is not the reasons consumers bearing the loss of bad quality hoverboard, consumers will not accept such a reason, because to ensure the quality of hoverboard is the most basic business responsibility.

From the hoverboard lessons above,we hope the Chinese hoverboard manufacturer and hoverboard industry understand the importance of hoverboard profits, it directly affects the development of enterprises and industry, small profits will not be more sales all the time.Right now,more and more hoverboard manufacturer has been apply UL2272 certificate for their hoverboards,we hope they won’t sell UL2272 hoverboard at cheap price,this is not good for hoverboard future development, hoverboard developer,hoverboard manufacturer,hoverboard dealer and hoverboard after sale service.