3 Funny Usage Of Hoverboards

More and more people are riding or playing a hoverboard in the street and caught too much eye sights,but do you know below three funny usage of hoverboards ?

1.A man convert his 10 inch hoverboard to a smart mobile electric kart with a hover seat, stainless steel frame,cellphone holder, camera; well, how modern it is with so much modern elements !

Hoverboard turned into a leisure electric wheel chair scooter

2.A woman cleaning snow on her yard, she stand steadly on her
hoverboard and hold a shovel on her hand, with the moving forward or backward of hoverboard, the snow can be easily clean without too much effort and less time.

hoverboard used to clean the snow

3.A cleaner was mopping the floor riding on the Xiaomi 9
hoverboard. Well, should i say the Xiaomi 9 hoverboard’s anti skidding performance is so excellent ? or this cleaner is so smart ? or either the hoverboard is so popular that a cleaner is familiar with it and like it ?  🙂

Cleaner mopping the floor on a Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter