Top 10 balance scooter manufacturer in 2016

Top 10 balance scooter manufacturer in 2016

1.Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd Chic smart balance scooter
2.Ninebot Inc
Ninebot balance scooter Xiaomi 9


3.Airwheel Holding Limitedairwheel unicycle balance scooter
4. Shenzhen Jomo Technology Co., Ltd
koowheel K1 self balance scooter
5.Zhengzhou F-wheel Industrial Co.,Ltd
F-wheel balance scooter
6.Freeman Intelligent Power Limited
Freeman self balancing scooter
7. Shenzhen Xuan Wei Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Pixie balance scooter for kids
8.FSX Group
Windgoo SUV balance scooter
9.Shenzhen HTOMT Technology Co., Ltd
8 inch balance scooter
10.Zhejiang Kuku Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
portable balance scooter

Above balance scooter statistics were collected from user, aimed to provide foreign buyer a better understanding of the electric balance scooter industry. This information is for reference only, do not mean that we recommend the purchase;the statistics above were not ranking in particular only,and we sincerely welcome your comments and suggestions.

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