Finding suppliers online: cheap don’t means bad quality

If you are a importer or distributor, you would know that the ordering season is coming as only two months left for Christmas holidays. So the sourcing time for supplier and bargaining time with supplier is coming too.

As a experienced purchaser or business owner , you should know that most goods come from China, India and Vietnam , to get the most cost effective goods, you must looking for in China. Although since became very popular, it is a lot easier to find new products, no need to visit fairs every time.However,there are many small factories and several bad supplier selling ultra low price with no warranty products. Getting these kind of products, you will suffer from a disaster soon.

If you have a lot of experience with , i suggest you to search products and suppliers on combining usage of google.

For example, hoverboards are very popular recently, when you looking for a hoverboard on Amazon, you can find below:

hoverboards price on Amazon
hoverboards price on Amazon from variety sellers

You can see,its price is around 339USD-399USD/Piece currently. Usually, you can save up to 15% regardless of warranty etc. Which means its price at a shopping mall or retailer shop will be around 399USD-469USD/Piece. You found this business really interesting, and you want to find a supplier in China.

I suggest the first thing you need to do is know much more information about hoverboard, simply type words like-what makes a good hoverboard, you will find many usefully information about hoverboard regards its quality like below:

What makes a good hoverboard

Secondly, search hoverboards manufacturer by , you will find many information and supplier by among the first three pages, usually these supplier is a good supplier choice, because only powerfully suppliers can be appeared in the first 3 pages, please see below:

hoverboards manufacturer find-out by google on page 1

hoverboards manufacturer find out by google on page 2hoverboards manufacturer find out by google on page 2

After go through these results in the first 3 pages, you can easily find out below website are engaged in supplying hoverboard,others are just news provider or related products:

You can see ranked very good, and you also see this seller on Amazon, if you are buy this hoverboard for your own usage, you can buy from them directly on Amazon because they are very famous per google sourcing results. But if you are a importer or reseller, you know their price is not very competitive as they are big brand and from US, US labor cost is very high, and the other three sites abosultely from China and you can find out their company name easily by visiting their website.

Then use these company name you have found out and sourcing on, you can find out them easily, no need to send hundreds of emails and inquires to dump supplier you have never heard before.No it is time to bargaining with the three manufactures ( maybe 4 maybe 10 ,depends on you ), you can get fine hoverboard with really cheap price.

Summary: Cheap sometimes means bad quality, some time not. Depends on how you source.