Thinking about balance scooter from Samsung recalls its GalaxyNote 7

hoverboard caught fire after explosion

On 2nd Sep 2016;Samsung Electronics official sources saying that:due to the exist fire risk problems of cellphone battery, Samsung is expected to be announced worldwide recall GalaxyNote 7 cellphone. Unfortunately, any product containing batteries have the possibility of explosion, the recent frequent Note 7 explosions is not new, little cellphone brand not ever explode, and even Apple’s iPhone has spread over the bombings.

By the mobile phone battery explosion so I have to think of the beginning of 2016, the balance scooter explosion events. In early 2016, the continuous balance scooter explosion events and passenger falls incident prompted the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued an open letter, saying that “all balance scooter in US market is not safe,” the US Amazon,Target etc. retailers have banned the balance scooter. By the end of 2015, the United Kingdom and Australia have issued a ban to disallow the smart balance vehicles riding on the road.

Whether cellphone or balanced scooter exploded, why battery involved every time?why the battery every time it? MIT Technology Review recently published an article say that:up to today we have not used a better energy storage device than lithium ion batteries which has 40 years’ history , that is to say, Lithium battery is still the best batteries currently, and However, the technology is good, lithium batteries are still explode from time to time, we can’t understand it.

But don’t worry too much, because the trend of lithium ion, lithium ion batteries have a higher energy density, power density and better cycle performance and reliable safety performance.

Battery is not the main criminal,high temperature is.Here we want to explain the lithium ion battery structure:Lithium ends into positive and negative poles, the middle filled with electrolyte, the voltage flowing through by bring the lithium ion from one end to the other end, which is the charge and discharge processes.This process usually will not have a problem, but when a problem occurs, it will very quickly have great consequences. What will be the problem? One common problem is battery overheating cased by overcharge, it may cause the positive chemical changes and finally burst into flames or explosions. Do not think that overheating only happens in the overcharge process, overheating will cause accident too.As the negative pole contains oxide which will have a chemical reaction with the electrolyte , and thus heat generates. And bad battery is also have a possibility that there are impurities ran into the electrolyte resulting in the above reaction.

Do not underestimate this battery overheating problem, because overheating will cause the reaction accelerating, once the temperature rise up to 150 ℃ or even higher, it may fires in your pocket or in the bag.

Logically, any balance scooter or cellphone manufacturers have measures to avoid battery overheating which resulting in fire or explosion; but even the original Segway balance scooter is no exception for fire and explosion, more and more balanced scooter explosion occurred frequently, what’s problem?

The battery itself, there is usually a chip built in to prevent overcharging or over-discharging. Some buyers and importer want to have a good price,and continuously bargaining with supplier, the only way supplier can do is to use bad battery cell, battery protection chip, even they remove the chip.That’s very dangerous, you are going to kill your buyer,end customer and destroying the balance scooter industry. Balance scooter is a good innovative scooter ever, i hope everyone try our best to protect this product.

Good news is that scientists have been advancing in the direction of invent no-overheating batteries . Researchers at Stanford University designed a mechanism, they invented a film, if the battery is overheating, this film will continue to expand until the negative electrode was coated so that current will be blocked.

When we constantly emphasize how big the  battery capacity is, how long the endurance time is, Please also stress the battery safety .This should be a problem balance scooter manufacturers need to think about.