What Factors Affect the Electric Bicycle Mileage?

What Factors Affect the Electric Bicycle Mileage?

In winter, the mileage of electric bicycle will be affected a lot, especially in the cold northern regions, the impact of low temperature on electric bicycle is more obvious, but people’s pace of life will not slow down due to winter, how to keep the electric bicycle to work properly in cold winter ,ensure daily trip security and efficiency,become the most urgent needs of every electric bicycle users. Then, what factors affect the electric bicycle mileage ?

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The Effect of Tire Pressure on Electric Bicycle Mileage

The tire pressure is the pressure inside the tire. The general regular electric bicycle manufacturers are marked the most suitable tire pressure range on the tires. For electric bicycles, the most reasonable tire pressure remained is 310-380kpa. What is the impact of tire pressure for electric bicycles mileage ? Give a simple example, riding a bike on a flat road, suddenly feel the bike pedal up a special effort,most people will realize that tire pressure is insufficient immediately, Similarly, the electric bicycle bring greater friction to motor resistance in the case of tire pressure is bound . In the same driving distance, low tire pressure will cause the electric bicycle power consumption doubled.

Effect of Front Rear Wheel Brakes on Mileage

Before or after electric bicycle brake back to the wrong ring or brake internal failure ,will affect the electric bicycle’s overall mileage. For example, many tiro sometimes forget to loose handbrake, causing serious wear and tear of the brake pads, more serious cause of the bicycle spontaneous combustion.If the electric bicycle brake failure, will increase the workload of electric bicycle motors, resulting in continuous high-current electric bicycle battery discharge. As a result, electric bicycle mileage will be shorten.

The Effect of Braking Power Failure on the Mileage

Electric bicycle brake power-off system was originally designed .When the electric bicycle brakes, the controller stop power supply to motor. This protects both the battery and the motor. If the controller is still supply power to the motor when electric bicycle brakes , it’s like you climb a mountain and someone behind you pulls you back with a rope, in order to maintain balance you need a lot of effort. Into electric bicycle, the performance is large current discharge which will affect the battery’s total mileage.

The Effect of Charger on Mileage

The main analysis is the electric bicycle charger with low voltage. If the charger failure causes the battery can not be completely full charge, the battery power dissatisfaction, this will affect the electric car mileage.

The Influence of Maintenance For Main Parts on Mileage

Electric bicycles needs regular maintenance. The motor normal use, it will not reduce the efficiency, but if it is overloaded or overspeed, the electric motor will degauss or degrade with the time of use, which will affect the energy conversion rate of the motor ,power
consumption increased, the torque and speed is reduced.

Daily use electric bicycle on a regular basis for the following checks and maintenance, to extend the service life and enhance the driving experience, also for their own safety and family responsibility:

1. Check before and after tire pressure .
2. Check the front and rear wheel brakes whether the lock situation.
3. Check the brake power-off switch.
4. Check the battery charger.
5. Regularly go to a professional repair station for maintenance.

Except these factors,if we want the electric bicycle mileage more longer,could we us solar power generator as backup power for it ? In the future, we may use solar panels, as part of the electric car ,and use lithium battery storage solar power ,so it work as a small solar power generator for electric car.If this can be achieved, will increase the mileage of electric bicycles .