Folding electric bicycle may replace bicycle soon !

Knight electric bicycle in folding status

With the development of economy, energy saving and environmental protection has become an indispensable part of life, folding bicycles and electric scooters are now widely used in daily life. Although the folding bicycles are easy to carry, but far less faster than Knight folding electric bicycle, and electric scooter is a bit larger while transfer during travelling. The Knight folding electric bicycle is easily portable as normal folding bike, but aslo fast enough. And also , we have equip the anti-theft function for it.

We have designed the Knight folding electric bicycle with strong enough aluminium alloy and built in lithium ion battery.At the same time, the battery can be also easily taken out and charge at home, this is really useful for citizens who living in a high building. Customer can also buy spare batteries, to improve the battery life and prolong the driving mileage.

We have equipped TUV or UL approved adapter for our Knight folding electric bicycle, we highly recommend consumer to use original TUV or UL approved adapter, to avoid damage to the battery, and also to avoid other accidents.

As the whole society promote environmental protection travel now, electric bicycle has a promising future, and folding electric bicycle with advantages such as light,energy saving, environmental protection,affordable price, certainly will be pursued by urban people pursued at the same time, With the technology development, materials and battery performance will be greatly enhanced, then, folding electric bicycle will be more popular, or even replace normal bicycle soon.