Experts: improper use of balance scooter may restrict transportation

6.5 inch self balance scooter in white color

For the newly regulation of “electric balance scooter prohibited on road” , senior researcher from Guangzhou Academy Of Social Sciences-Peng Peng said that ” clearly ban electric balance scooters, electric unicycles, electric skateboard and other skating tools on the road,the road safety can be improved and protected, it is no doubt. Because from the security aspect, this kind of balanced scooters safety factor certainly not as high as those buses, motor vehicles . And this type of transport, whether it is really a more energy-efficient, more humane means of transport, it should also be carefully considered whether is is a transport or entertainment props. From safety and traffic aspects, the electric balance scooter if used improperly,it will cause more harm than its advantage  to traffic safety, may also restrict the development of urban transport.

Peng Peng suggested that the Government should considering the regulation of “electric balance scooter prohibited on road,we must balance this pros and cons, whether usage of balance scooter in the end is more advantages or more disadvantages, how to bring more benefits than disadvantages during usage.

Also for the punishment of 50 yuan for usage of balance scooter on road, Peng Peng said the important is that” Will the policeman fine 50 yuan for usage of balance scooter on road and how to fine ? “.Although 50 yuan is not a big amount, but if tranffic policeman fine 50 yuan for balance scooter rider several times, then the rider may feel the pressure.

Tips for buying and using balancing scooter:
1. when choosing balance scooters, choose models suit for your own purpose.
2. carefully acquire about the warranty policy and after sale services, do not easily trust  introduction and commitment by the sales.
3. Check if the balance scooter is brand new and its all status good.
4. Using in a right open and smooth place.