Self charging folding electric bicycle: is it a dream ?

self charging folding electric bicycle

Summary:Recently, the world’s largest crowd funding site kickstarter appears such an electric bicycle – not only provide electric power for driving, but also equipped with a unique kers kinetic energy recovery system.

Today, more and more people choose electric scooter as a daily means of transportation. Electric scooter environment protection, price affordable makes it very popular to public, it has been greatly improved the contradiction between urban traffic supply and demand. But riding an electric bicycle also has some trouble.Due to limited driving mileage,you may worry about halfway without battery on the road, it is really not a small trouble.

Well, in the world’s largest crowd funding site kickstarter there is such an folding electric bicycle named vellobike – not only to provide electric power, but also equipped with a unique kers kinetic energy recovery system. As long as the user is riding, the system will convert energy such as vehicle braking, running into electricity and stored in the battery. It is a new technology which FIA use in its F1 racing vehicles, and it is the first time to use in a electric bicycle or electric scooter.Maximum speed of this electric bicycle up to 25 km/h, with a driving mileage of 35km, and users do not need to worry about no electricity, as long as continuous riding will be able to charge the battery. The charging efficiency depends on the rider’s riding frequency and the slope angle of the road.

In addition to self-charging, another big selling point of the Vello bike is its powerful folding function.Although there is a lot of electric bicycle with folding design, but often folding steps is not easy, it is not useful actually. As picture above, you can easily complete the folding in two steps, which is same as our Knight folding electric bicycle. But the folding vellobike do not have to carry in the hand, you can directly push it across commuter metro, elevator etc.