How to ride solo wheel balance scooter

Follow below easy instructions on how to ride the solo wheel balance scooter, you will be a master soon.
1. Turn on the self balance scooter
2. One foot step onto one side of the board slightly.
3. The other foot fast ride onto the other side of the board.
4. Relax and keep two feet close the fender on each side as much as possible , try to stand on the board stably gradually.
5. Lean your body to control the direction of the balance scooter, you will rolling forward or backward or rotation. Don’t move your body movement fierce
6. Get off the balance scooter when the scooter is stop moving and in balance status, one leg off the board from the back and the other one off quickly.
1. Please get off the balance scooter from the back side.
2. Please don’t turn sharply when you are riding in fast speed.
3. Please don’t turn or rotate the self balancing scooter when on a slope.
4. Please don’t let kids to play the scooter without any adults protection