How to ride solo wheel balance scooter

Follow below easy instructions on how to ride the solo wheel balance scooter, you will be a master soon.
1. Turn on the self balance scooter
2. One foot step onto one side of the board slightly.
3. The other foot fast ride onto the other side of the board.
4. Relax and keep two feet close the fender on each side as much as possible , try to stand on the board stably gradually.
5. Lean your body to control the direction of the balance scooter, you will rolling forward or backward or rotation. Don’t move your body movement fierce
6. Get off the balance scooter when the scooter is stop moving and in balance status, one leg off the board from the back and the other one off quickly.
1. Please get off the balance scooter from the back side.
2. Please don’t turn sharply when you are riding in fast speed.
3. Please don’t turn or rotate the self balancing scooter when on a slope.
4. Please don’t let kids to play the scooter without any adults protection

How to drive Xiaomi 9 balance scooter ?

How to drive Xiaomi 9 balance scooter ?

Similar to the body’s own balance system, when the body’s gravity forward,scooter need to move forward to keep balance, gravity backward and the scooter will move backward to keep balance. At the same time, the electric balance scooter steering through the adjustable handle, swing the handle and the two wheels produce speed difference (for example, swing the handle to the left, the right wheel speed will be faster than the left wheel )to achieve the effect of steering.
Scooter powered by a battery pack, a full charge make sure 20-70km mileage ( depends on the battery capacity ) and maximum speed of 20km/h. When riding, make sure the steering handle face to the direction where we want to move forward, the scooter will move to the direction pointed. When the direction is in the middle of the scooter, the scooter will move straightly forward. When the steering worked, the scooter will control the left and right sides to get corresponding speed difference, and achieve steering effect.Make sure that the human body in the same direction of scooter and you will get a better steering experience.

Breakthrough vertical steering design more in line with the body’s operating habits.

1.Before driving the electric balancing scooter, you need to check the smart balance wheel parts are installed firmly or not, make sure they are without any damage.
2.You need to find an open and flat space for practice, this space should be at least 4×4 meter area, indoor and outdoor can be ok.
3.You need to have a good understanding of the driving environment: to ensure that you will not be disturbed by cars, passersby, pets, bicycles and other obstacles.