Mercury Dynamic M1 three wheels folding electric kick scooter

On December 7 2016, smart scooter manufacturer Mercury Dynamic from Beijing launched a new electric power scooter – Mercury M1 in the Jingdong fund rasing platform to meet consumers. This product dropped the industrial “public model” of common two wheels system, and innovative adopt three wheel reverse chassis system, a significant improvement of security and handling performance of emerging electric kick scooter.

Mercury Dynamic M1 three wheels folding electric kick scooter

As we all know, the triangle is the most stable geometry, but limited to the size and portability factors, the past electric scooters rarely used this triangle structure. Mercury Dynamic M1 chassis system is made of high strength die casting aluminum alloy, processing accuracy reaches 0.01 mm, the maximum load up to 100 kg. In order to solve the problem of volume increasing by three wheeled chassis, Mercury Dynamic designers have developed a new folding system – through the multi function connecting rod in the middle of the chassis, with pulling and folding movements the scooter can be quickly folded and unfolded. After the folding, the Mercury Dynamic M1 can be dragged as easily as a small suitcase to enter narrow subways, elevators, etc., and can easily be placed in the trunk of normal car.

In addition to the innovation on the chassis and folding system, the Mercury Dynamic M1 shock absorber system also refreshing people’s imagination for this type of product . The front damping system uses double wishbone suspension structure – this structure has excellent turning support, in the past this system mainly used for Ferrari, Maserati and other sports cars. Combined with a lot of high technology perfect in one, fully demonstrated the ability of Mercury Dynamic in innovation and system integration.

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