Liky electric kick scooter: killer for city traffic jam

Liky electric kick scooter

Most people living in the city have been facing the headache of traffic jam, then what should be done to resolve such a problem? Let the Liky city electric kick scooter to show its mettle.

Seamless access to various transport vehicles

Liky electric kick scooter has a small size compared to cars and other travel equipment, so even various narrow trails can pass freely,facing of congested urban traffic, it can not be affected by and flexible walk through. Compared with similar products, Liky electric kick scooter models seems more slim, and as the frame can be foldable, it weights only 13.5kg , the electric kick scooter can carry, and bring onto the bus, subway,private cars and other travel equipment, it can be seamlessly connected to other long distance travel tools so it can make up the disadvantage of the electric kick scooters can only deal with short distance travel, so that travel routes become more flexible and efficient.

More effort than walking

Liky electric kick scooter equipped with motor and battery pack, maximum driving speed up to 25km/h, climbing angle of 15 degree, 8 inch front and rear wheel design able to deal with most of the city traffic. From the bus station to home, home to the nearby community supermarkets and so on short distance travel scenarios, with Liky electric kick scooter,you don’t need to experience the fatigue of walking any more, and can save most of the time, do more with less time.

Comfortable experience

More portable design may affect the scooter’s riding experience, in this regard, Liky electric kick scooters has been taken relative balance in the R & D process , even with the compact design, we still do careful handling for the details to ensure the comfort using experience. First of all, most of its folding joints adopt the hidden design to ensure the beautiful outer appearance of, in the actual folding operation is also very simple and does not need to spend too much effort, so complete folding process only takes a few seconds . Secondly, its handle bar adopt adjust height design to suit for different riders, and also made convex design at the top of handle bar , the arm can be extended with greater space to ensure comfort . In order to deal with the safety of night riding, Liky electric kick scooter was designed with front and rear lights, the front is high intensity LED headlamps, in the rear with smart taillights which can automatically light up during brakes to remind the rear pedestrians,to ensure safety.

Compact, portable, practical, more comfortable riding experience, so that the Liky electric kick scooter, is very suitable and good choice for urban traffic jam nowadays. Of course, not only convenient for the trip ,at the same time it can also highlight the riders own personality, is it a unique fashion life advocates.