9 things you need to do before buying a bicycle

It is to right season for a short traveling or doing morning exercise in the park, you are about to buy a new bicycle to do these things. Well, don’t make your decision right away on which bicycle to buy before you have done below 9 things:

1.Look: check if the wheel size is appropriate, style and equipped parts satisfying or not, see if some of the solder joints and screws rusted,the paint is smooth or not, whether the bicycle rim is made of aluminum or Steel? Generally,aluminum rim is expensive than steel rim.

2.Ask: whether the bicycle seller can provide invoices and warranty card.

3.Listen: turn up the bicycle wheels, listen to the sound and see whether the wheel rotation sound sounds good ?

4.Dial: if it is a variable speed bicycle, then dial the speed lever to check whether the speed regulation system is smooth or not ? (Dail both front and real lever, at all levels)

5.Rotating: lift the front wheel or rear wheel, let the wheels turn up to see if the wheels are straight or not.

6.Brake: brake and see whether the bicycle tires still rotating being pushed driving the car tires are also rotating, when the wheels is rotating,braking can be effective.

7.Shake: shake the bicycle handle, check the handle and faucet is appropriate locked?

8.Press: squeeze the tire to see if the tire pressure is enough, tire air leak or not ? Is the shock absorber smooth? How is the elasticity of shock absorber (both front and back anti shock absorber ) ?

9.Ride: try to ride for a while, and feel it, then you can make the final decision.