Will sharing bike affect hoverboard market ?

Spring is the begining of a new year, after 2017 Chinese spring festival,hoverboard business owners in china are busy backing to work now . During 2016, sharing bikes continues to be extremely popular in China, what should hoverboard manufacturer do the sharing bikes popularity ?

Many people may state that sharing bikes only famous in China, their primary clients are from foreign market.We must tell you than sharing bike brands has run their sharing bike business in San Francisco, London, Singapore along with other places,therefore the sharing bike popularity will certainly affect the hoverboard business.

We feel if we don’t properly comprehend the positioning of hoverobard, without enough understanding of the relationship between products and consumers, without right brand development strategy, upcoming the fast grow sharing bike business, and economy downturn of overall market atmosphere, hoveboard business will still not too easy in 2017.

Acutally,the fast expanding of sharing bikes has negative and positive effect on hoverboard market.We feel that sharing bikes business are hot which definitely proves that short distance transportation demand is large and will encourge more and more people to select easier transportation choice such as hoverboards,mini segway or electric kick scooter. The fast expanding of sharing bikes impact many of the transportation industry, for example Uber, taxi,hoverboards,elecric motorcycles,electric kick scooters etc.

User’s feeling about sharing bikes are negative and positive, most people around big cities in China practical experince the sharing bikes, and it is advantages are easy to feel, but we also realize that user happen to be not happy with these problems: Positioning isn’t accurate, only seems to be utilized inside a specific place. Sharing bike, frankly speaking, is actually a rental service, the consumer has only the legal rights to make use of the bike, with no possession, you can’t take it at home and can not be personalized , upgrade and so on. Shared bike, is simply a standardized service, it may only meet the requirements of many people with low income, but it is not easy to satisfy a greater demand, for example more personality, much more comfortable, more interesting, more intelligent, faster, etc; so there is still big chance for other transportation vehicles such as hoverboard,segway scooter,electric kick scooters.

Previously, there’s little products available on the market and it is seller market which sellers more powerful than consumers;Right now, product over supplyed, consumers possess the final words. Clearly understanding the requirements of consumers and brand positioning,with clever marking method,there is still big potential for hoverboard business, especially,there is still big potential for developing countries suhc as Brasil,Russia,Nigeria etc,as hoverboard is really funny and helpful for daily life. And furthermore, hoverboard manufacturer should continuously apply UL2272 hoverboard certificate and manufacturer strictly according UL2272 standards,so the whole hoverboard industry can be more blooming.