Don't ask bike riding fans 10 ridiculous questions any more !

There are always people who don’t understand the interesting of riding bikes, the following 10 quesions should be the rider had been asked most.

1, Don’t you feel boring when riding?

Don’t you think go to work every day ,have meals and sleeping very boring?

2, why do you like climbing ?

According to my observation, climbing is a very polarized thing: those who like it very keen on it, those who do not like hate it. But it is undeniable that climbing is the best method to pratice your leg;every time conquering a slope will greatly enhance your confidence in pulling someone else on the back. And during the process of climbing,momory of exhausted and breathless is profound.

3, why do you ride out in bad weather?

(1) Many times we did not expect the weather to get worse;

(2) First you tell me why some people think that “walking in the rain,” is very romantic?

4, why are you keen to buy code table?

The rider will not let any chance that can record their own data go away. What else is more compelling than surpass others? Like during the fitness party,people like to exchange between the “squat, hard pull and lying pushing number of kilograms,” it is the same thing, riding good or bad, all in these numbers.

5, Don’t you feel shame when you wear the tight clothes ?

At first I also don’t like the tight clothes, even if bought, i would like to buy a little loose clothes and trying to cover the body as much as i can. But actually if you riding fast, who will pay attention to your body shape is good or bad? They can’t see you clearly at all !

riding bikes wearing tight clothes

6, why you wear socks when riding ?

Professional riding socks, not only allows us to show, it can absorb sweat and anti slip. Similarly, the role of riding hat is sun proof, sweat absorb and wind proof.

7, your ass will not ache?

Are you Joking, how could it not aches ? Long time ride, uncomfortable is definitely occur, but you will be used to. Moreover, suitable bike and quality riding clothes will ease a lot of discomfort.

8, Can i see your bike / borrow your bike ?

Friends, you can see my bike,but please do not touch and pinch; Well, borrow, forget about it …

9, why do you buy so many bikes, just for riding ?

Why do you want to buy so many shoes? A pair of shoes is not enough for work, shopping, sports ?

10, why do you always replace parts?

Good horse with a good saddle, upgrade the bike is a never ending thing.