UL2272 approved electric kick scooter

On 20th December 2016,UL (China) held a meeting with the topical of “travel with quality,smart wins” in Beijing Kerry Hotel,to introduce new standards of balance scooter, unmanned aerial vehicles, electric bicycles as well as issue new UL certificate for applicant. Fast Wheel F0 electric kick scooter has got UL certification in November, which is the world’s first UL certified electric kick scooter,attend the meeting too.

 fast wheel ul2272 approved electric kick scooter

UL is short for Underwriter Laboratories (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) .UL safety testing is not only United States’s most authoritative, but also a big testing institue engaged in safety testing and identification. It uses scientific testing methods to determine all materials, devices, products, equipment, constructions, etc are not hazardous or hazardous to human life or property.UL has tested thousands of products and components according to the safety standards and in accordance with international standards.

UL is the world’s most well-known product safety certification institue, to achieve of product selling in North American , UL can’t be ignore. According to UL2272 certification standards, fast wheel F0 electric kick scooter meet four major item testing: electrical testing, mechanical testing, environmental testing, control panel function safety testing and other19 extreme abuse test: fire, water, drop, squeeze, shock etc, simulated the user’s behavior during various extreme situations, effectively ensure security and reliability of F0 electric kick scooter.
As the most important part of electric kick scooter, battery safety has been the biggest consumer consideration. Before reaching consumers, electric kick scooter battery have to undergo a series of safety testing. As the first batch of wholly UL2272 approved electric kick scooter F0, fast wheel technology has set a high standard on battery system, and has been implemented according to this standard since.

As we know, current fast wheel F0 electric kick scooter market share at home and abroad has been steady grown ,afer fast wheel technology got the UL certification this time,they will provide more differentiated products and services to customer all over the world , to strengthen China’s new energy in the international stage and got world’s industry recognition.