Try thinking and riding hoverboard before you buy one

Before you begin asking how much is a hoverboard and how can you get cheap hoverboard, learn to ride them first. Riding a hands free hoverboard requires practice and a few basic balancing skills which need to be acquired with different times. Many people can master how to ride the hoverboard after a practice while some take considerably long.

Initially, you’ll be shaky and may falling down and injuring yourself. Therefore putting on a security gear, especially a helmet is very important for learner.
As with any other new vehicles on the road, the chance of injuries can be occur during you riding the hoverboard too. Most of the hoverboards with a maximum speed of 12km/hour but some are designed to reach even 15-20km/hour. When you’re driving at such speed and come accross the obstacles or sudden brakes , you may get serious troubles, pains and maybe accidents.However if you are simply well protected you can avoid of these injuries.

Normally,your safety gear will include a helmet, wrist pads, elbow pads and knee pads to avoid any fractures and sprains from falling down.

Although the thrill seekers may wish to driving accross heavy traffic, riding hoverboards on primary roads is banned in United kingdom and United States,since a few terrible accidents or even death case while they are running on the main road can be found through internet . So think twice before you decide buy hoverboard.