Road policy for hoverboards in different countries

Road policy for hoverboards in different countries

National Bicycle and Electric Bicycle Inspection Center experts said that the hoverboard ( same as balance scooter in this article)can be divided into two kinds per its usage: entertainment and transportation, currently some countries allow the balance scooter to travel on the road under below conditions:


Cardiopulmonary disease patients can use the balance scooter as a medical auxiliary equipment, other balancing scooters are not allowed to use in public roads.

United Kingdom:

Balanced scooters are motorized scooters, only can be ride in private sector after permission .


Recoginzed as motrised vehicles but can not pass the basic specifications certification of electric vehicle, prohibit on the road.


In some areas,hoverboard regarded as the electric wheelchair type of balancing scooter, allowed to travel in the bike lane or sidewalk.


If you want to drive the hoverboard on the road, the hoverboard must be equipped with brakes and headlights, brake lights, direction lights and other auxiliary equipment, the owner also need to pay tax ,register a number and have a driving license.