UL2272 approved 9 inch SUV hoverboard

Hoverboards happened to be an growing fixture around the roads just for more than a year, recording people’s imaginations and fulfilling the conjecture produced in “Back To The Future II”. Regrettably, hoverboards happen to be the topic of debate, as batteries have caught fire as well as explosion. We wish to introduce a UL2272 approved fire free 9 inch SUV hoverboard that can even ride on the sand beach to consumers.

9 inch SUV hoverboard UL2272 approved

This Sports utility vehicle hoverboard, with large format monster truck style wheels created for outside experience on snow, hard roads, riverbanks, and much more. The tires have deep lugs to supply traction and wick away dirt in the most difficult conditions.

This latest Sports utility vehicle hoverboard features 9 inch wheels, front led lights, rear turn signal lights and Bluetooth speaker. It utilizes mobile control application to supply users with the ultimate driving experience.

Other hoverboard brands offer similar hoverboards but none of them is UL2272 certified. The 9 inch Sports utility vehicle hoverboard may be the first 9 inch wheel hoverboard with UL certification. We feel this is really essential, because Sports utility vehicle hoverboarding is going to be much more challenging, therefore the hoverboards have to be much more robust to resist punishment that may happened with the truly amazing outdoors.