Smallest size electric unicycle balance scooter on the world

We have seen electric unicycle balance scooter before , although riding an electric unicycle requires riders with good body balance ability, but because of its small size, easy to carry,many people have taken it as a fashion travel vehicle. Whether it is on the way to or off work, in the park during weekend, or even a small countryside road, you can see the one wheel balance scooter.

When we say the electric unicycle balance scooter with small size, how small can it be ?

Today we would like to introduce world’s most compact Mini one wheel balancing scooter-Solowheel Iota. This is the latest scooter from solowheel, the wheel size is only 20cm, maximum load capacity up to 133.4kg.

Smallest size electric unicycle balance scooter on the world

Solowheel Iota’s design is very simple, combined color black, silver and red make it a very stylish look. The mini silver pedal designed without too much fancy,only classic elements. While not using,the pedal can folding to the wheel to maximum reduction of Slolowheel Iota size.

This Slolowheel Iota powered by large capacity lithium ion rechargeable battery, after fully charged driving distance can up to 12.8 km and the full charging process takes only 40 minutes. Whether it is for weekend leisure or to solve the last mile of commuting to work, can definitely suitable for you.

At this stage, this Slolowheel Iota electric unicycle balance scooter has landed on for fund raising with a target fund of 50,000 USD . And this electric unicycle balance scooter target price is 395 USD , if all things goes well, it can be expected to finish bulk production on Sep,2017.

If you are planning to experience an electric unicycle balance scooter or want to solve the last mile of commuting problems, you can consider this Slolowheel Iota electric unicycle.