Is sharing self balance scooter mode possible ?

It seems in just one night a bike rental service called sharing bike began in April 2016, and then you can see it everywhere.Shared bike brand OFO get a total of 4 rounds of financing, and rapid expanding.

ofo sharing bicycles

According to the data provided by OFO, after one year operation, OFO has nearly 70,000 shared bicycles, total of 15 million times sharing bicycles, daily orders more than 500,000, the number of users is around 1.5 million from 20 cities in China. From the data,OFO is the largest sharing bicycle platform in China.

And immediately there are “Mobile electric scooter”, “Mobile car” and other rental services following sharing bicycles, and earn a lot of money in a short time, due to short distance travel has a great potential demand and high frequency of use , these short distance travel tool and model has been successful.

Then for the self balance scooters, as an initially considered as a short distance travel tool, can they follow this sharing mode too ?

Although after three years of high speed development, self balance scooter already well known by the public, but for the self balance scooters and their application is undoubtedly still curiosity and interesting to public, so self balance scooter rental model can utilize people’s curiosity, target to gadget rental market. Changes in the application of self balance scooter undoubtedly affect the application places. This means that the self balance scooter can not be renting like bikes, electric scooters and cars that just living on the road, customers can ride anytime; self balance scooter should rental in entertainment places, parks, leisure venues, government agencies, large hotels, subways, large shopping malls , farm, school etc., and it has a higher requirements for the models, electric unicycle balance scooter is so hard to learn, I am afraid it is difficult to rent out.

segway scooter

Two wheels self balance scooter, such as Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter, Segway scooter etc,can be used easily, as long as the rent mode properly set, cost control is good, we think they can be popular too.