What should hoverboard manufacturer do with the popularity of sharing bicycles ?

Spring is the beginning of one year, we have spent Chinese new year holidays,and it is time for business owners to roll up their sleeves. During 2016, shared bicycles has been very popular in China, what should hoverboard manufacturer do facing its popularity ?

mobike sharing bicycle

Some people may say that sharing bicycles only popular in China, our main customers are from foreign market.Actually when you think so, we have to tell you that currently sharing bicycles brands has run their sharing bicycles business in San Francisco, London, Singapore and other places,so the sharing bicycles will definitely affect the hoverboard business.

We believe that if we do not correctly understand the positioning of hoverboard, no correct understanding of the relationship between products and consumers, without the correct brand development strategy, with the fast grow shared bicycles business, and economic downturn of the market environment, hoveboard business will still not so easy in 2017.

Acutally,the popularity of sharing bicycles has good and bad impact on hoverboard.We believe that sharing bikes business is hot which proves that short distance transportation demand is very large and encourage more people to choose more convenient transportation choice. It appear and popularity affect almost all of the transportation industry, such as Uber, taxi,of course, hoverboards.

User’s experience with sharing bicycles are goods and bads, most of the people around shenzhen,Beingjing or Shanghai has experience the sharing bikes, and its advantages are obvious to all, but we also know that user have been complained about these issues: Positioning is not accurate;it only appears in big cities; can only be used in a specific place. Sharing a bicycle, in essence, is a rental service, the user only has the rights to use the bicycle, and no ownership; and it limit most of the rights, such as you can not take it home; Can not be personalized , upgrade and so on. Shared bicycles, is just a standardized service, it can only meet the needs of some people at the bottom-riding, due to cost and size,it is difficult to meet a higher level of demand, such as more personality, more comfortable, more interesting, more intelligent, faster, etc., which became a different opportunity for hoverboard,segway scooter,electric bicycles and so on.

mini segway scooter

In the past, there is not too much products on the market, is a typical seller market, that is, business owners stronger than consumers; in the present, product oversupply, consumers have the final words. Clearly understand the preferences of consumers, targeted to develop product strategy, brand positioning, marketing tools and so on are very important for hoverboard.And what is more, hoverboard manufacturer should continuously apply UL2272 hoverboard certificate and manufacturer according UL2272 standards.