Self balance scooter history and its development in China

Self balancing scooter was born in early 2000s, the first brand name for self balancing scooter was created by Segway, it has been innovated by Dean Carmen Deka and also the large medical equipment maker Manley,they have been cooperated to introduce the computerized self balancing scooter. Today, they are the primary manufacture of electric balance scooters, well, but only in the United States.

6.5 inch self balance scooter

Even though the electric self balancing scooter has a long histroy in production and design, Segway has recoginized as a brand name, for several reasons mainly because of its high cost, the development of Segway electric balance scooter isn’t smooth.However, after it spread into China, Chinese self balancing scooter has manufacturing them according to their cheaper labor cost, rich experience in manufacturer, thus they have made the self balancing scooter price a breakthrough.

Currently,they are many self balancing scooter brand appear in China market,include Koowheel, Ninebot,Chic,Freeman,CXM,Feating etc,their prices slightly different as their features not the same,they are occupy the main share of Chinese self balance scooter market.

Although foreign brands has got the advantages in technology and style, domestic brands is also good in design and production, without prejudice towards the scooter performance and safety, and reduced costs, china consumers are able to afford for these brands self balancing scooter.

Becoming the marketplace mechanism, with increased superior quality of self balance scooter,they would won more favor from China and around the world.In my opinion with China’s outstanding efforts, Chinese hoverboard manufacturer would have a brilliant future in the internation electric vehicle market.