World's lightest folding electric kick scooter in 2017

Recently,electric kick scooter has been very popular,many electric scooters manufacturer have been developing various new styles.Today,we would like to introduce the world’s lightest folding electric kick scooter-Linky.

Linky is a powerful folding electric kick scooter, can be put away into a backpack. Rider can use it in cities to go to work or for travel. its weights only 4.9 kg.

View from the appearance,it is a very small and cool electric kick scooter.After folding its size is only equivalent to a laptop. For fashion travel liker, carrying it for holiday resort can be so cool.

It can be folded. Linky adopts patented folding design, folding and open is so easy. The design team is racking their brains to ensure that the system is durable and powerful.

The entire electric kick scooter weights only 4.9 kg because it use carbon fiber and bamboo mixed material for scooter deck.

The Linky electric kick scooter is very strong, you can steering in high speed, Linky can flexibly deal with it. The electric kick scooter wheels diameter is 83cm which has been proved can provide the best user experience for this design.

Linky meets airway regulations. Electric kick scooter power system supports BMS technology which can manage the battery charging and discharge process, to ensure the battery safety, so that the battery has the longest life span. The battery is in compliance with the IATA regulations and can be carried onto the airplane.

Linky adopt fast charging technology. Only need 30 minutes to fulfilled to 85% of the battery capacity,and its driving mileage up to 15 km.
In addition Linky’s waterproof rating reached IP65. User can ride it even on the road with surface water.

There is a LED head light in the front side, user can ride it even in the evening. Linky was controlled by Bluetooth remote control.User accelerating and braking by the Bluetooth remote control.
Its general technical specifications as below:
Drving mileage: 15 km
Maximum load: 160 kg
Maximum speed: 30 km/h
Battery parameters: 100Wh lithium ion battery
Wheel diameter: 83mm deck
Deck thickness: 6 mm
Opening Size: 800x280x120 mm
Folding Size: 400x280x120 mm

Linky currently has been in fund raising process,its target price is 749USD/piece,you can expect to receive it on April 2017.