N5 hoverboard: hoverboard that can jumps

Hoverboard still been very hot in the past 2016 , and it leads to the blooming of entire self balance scooter and short distance transportation vehicles industry, this product is destined to be historical records. Due to hoverboard quality reasons, hoverboard business has been so hard for six months in 2016,but China’s major hoverboard manufacturers still have been groping forward,they prepare a variety of certifications, research and development during this period.

Shenzhen Xiaobaima Energy Tech Co., LTD, developed a model named N5 hoverboard that can jump and fly.

Basic technical parameters of N5 hoverboard as below:

Net weight: 10.5kg
Gross weight: 12.5kg
Minimum load: 20kg
Maximum load: about 200kg
Maximum speed: about 13km/h
Driving mileage per full charge: 10-15km
Climbing capacity: about 25 degrees
Battery capacity: 4400AH
Charging time: about 2.5H
Size: 615x200x182mm
Optional Color: black, white, blue, red, yellow, rose red, green
Tire type: 7.5 inch solid tires
Functions: Bluetooth dual channel speaker, LED flashing lights, jumpable design, night riding lights

Here are some exclusive features of N5 hoverboard:

1.N5 is the first hoverboard that can jump, entertainment performance greatly enhanced.
2. N5 using the latest control solution, while riding the motor seems more smoothly, jumping off the ground without electricity power off and alarms, and the foot pedal will keep the same position after jump.
3. N5 is the first hoverboard equipped with 7.5 inch motor in the market.
4. N5 hoverboard internal structure was redesigned and adopt double roller bearing design, riding while steering will be more smooth too.
5. Various software encryption technology, with 14 pcs PCB board in the control system. However,how to ensure that each pcb board failure rata to be lowest is a very high technical task.
7. high fidelity Bluetooth speaker + mobile phone App connection, flashing led lights, headlights, brake tail lights etc.
8. With ABC + PC fireproof material cover, we fiercely droped for more than 7 times during the test,only the cover has a slight crack and scratches, hoveroboard body and fucntions without any damage. That proves that the N5 hoverboard structure and workmanship is reliable.Many hoverboard used to be when ex factory,but after long distance transportation and express delivery, reach customer’s hand with weak Weld, poor interface and other issues etc, N5 hoverboard will not have these problems.

In general, N5 hoverboard is creative in appearance, structure and entertainment,the first hoverboard with jump function. But the overall appearance still the traditional hoverboard shape, there is no big breakthrough.We have learned that Shenzhen Xiaobaima Energy Tech Co., LTD is still improving the N5 hoverboard,and mobile APP will soon be launched, at the same time,they are apply UL2272 hoverboard certificate for N5,let us wait further news for N5 hoverboard.