Hyundai IONIQ electric kick scooter showed in 2017 CES

Hyundai displayed a IONIQ autopilot electric vehicle in CES 2017, at the same time there is an IONIQ electric kick scooter, to help users solve the last mile of a trip.

IONIQ electric kick scooter is the best partner of electric vehicles, this electric kick scooter designed to work with the IONIQ electric vehicle, while not in usage it can be placed in the front door for charging. Of course, this also means that Hyundai may not sell this scooter separately , However this is just a concept product, more details have yet to be officially announced later.

hyundai ioniq electric scooter in open status

IONIQ electric kick scooter with folding design, so it is very convenient for portable. In addition, it equipped a headlight and tail light,and the digital instrument panel can show the real time speed, power and mileage. 12 miles per hour speed is quite enough for the urban shuttle , after all, it is a good choice for commuters.

hyundai ioniq folding electric kick scooter

Interestingly, the user can directly adjust the scooter speed through the “thumb switch”, such as sliding up means acceleration, decline to slow down or by pressing the plate brake on the rear wheel.

Unfortunately, Hyundai has not released maximum driving mileage of this electric kick scooter, listing date and price are unclear too.