Do you really know how to ride a bicycle ?

Don’t know how to ride a bicycle ? Come on, i learned it when i was very young. Perhaps this is the first reaction you see this subject, but if you buy a sports bike and want it to bring benefits to your body,health,and life, the question is not so simple.

1.Is your bicycle suitable for your body?

Buy a bicycle must be in accordance with your own physical data, buy
the right bike size is the basis of scientific, healthy bike riding. After buying the bicycle,you must do scientific adjustment and setting,
this is not a simple matter, we must ask experienced professionals to
operate for us.

Is the settled bicycle fit your body forever?

No, because your body is changing at any time, when you started
riding a bike, the leg strength is small and the back strength is also
weak, can’t lying riding in a high position like an experienced rider,you must adjust your bicycle settings in accordance with your body change.I have seen an introduction from a magazine that a Japanese
riding a bike, have adjust the bicycle for six times half a year after he bought the bike.

2.How should i ride within the three months after i bought the bike ?

Perhaps the incentive to buy a bicycle is imagine fast speeding as others, and sliding in the electric vehicle driver’s surprised eyes.
But please take care in the first three months,human body is made of meat after all, not steel. Unless you have a good physical basis, often adhere to higher intensity sports. Common people still need to set up a good foundation, and gradually exercise to improve leg strength, back
strength, heart and lung function, tall buildings firstly need a solid foundation.

How to set up the foundation ?I suggest to focus on the following points:

2.1. Control the bicycle

Whether it is a mountain or road bike, control the bicycle is the most basic requirements for new riders, especially high speed cycling and steering, be careful,speed is a very sharp knife, master bad will hurt yourself severely. Control bicycle requirements rider to be familiar and proficient with his own bicycle,and gradually control the bicycle like your own legs.This is easy to say, but hard to do, rider need slowly experience. Control the bicycle is the basis, it can help you to protect your life in critical moment.

2.2. Strength

The strength required to ride a bicycle may be different from other sports, with the same riding purpose, riding a mountain bike and a road bike strength emphasis is different too. So strength exercise for riding a bike must be scheduled, we must step by step. Physical strength exercise is a long process, there is no shortcut, rider need long term insist and pay sweat. Couldn’t be anxious, must not do too much exercise after long time no practice,this can only cause harm to the body.

2.3. Riding Frequency

Riding frequency is important factor that decide how long you can finally ride,riding frequency is closely related with your heart beat, so at the beginning try not to look at the speed table only, but
pay more attention to the frequency table.