Hoverseat:turn your hoverboard into a electric wheel chair in 1 minute

Hoverboard ( also being called smart balance scooter, smart balance wheel etc ) is now a popular gadget, with this kind of hoverboard people just change their body angle, the hoverboard will move forward or backward based on the tilt direction. As long as everything is working properly, the driver will not have the possibility to fall down.

But it can only be popular in the circle of young people, the elderly or people lack of balance sense may not easily dare to try. So some people do a simple modification to the smart electric balancing scooter with the installation of a hoverSeat, So that the original hoverboard which can only stand to drive, instantly turned to a electric wheel chair which provide a comfortable and secure ride experienceHoverseat for 6.5 inch , 8 inch and 10 inch hoverboard

The hoverSeat weighs only 5 Kg, made from aluminum alloy, consist of two parts: the bottom bracket and seat, it can be connected to the smart electric balance hoverboard with a lock,the entire assembly process takes less than 1 minute.

After installation is completed, using method is also very simple,with your two feet you can control the smart electric balance scooter in all directions for free movement, including backwards. Electric wheel chairs can travel in the plains, grass, gravel roads and sand.

In addition to being used as a vehicle, the electric wheel chair can be used to fetch goods, such as mobile refrigerators with wheels, luggage etc.