GeoOrbital wheel: turn your bicycle into an electric bike in seconds

Many bicycle funs had the ideal of change their bicycle into an electric bike some even already dit it. Normally, if you want to change a bicycle to an electric powered bike, at least you need below parts:

neccessary parts to turn a bicycle to an electric bike

So much complex parts, it is very hard for the majority of peoplenFortunately, a company from Israel named GeoOrbital gives a solution.The company’s engineers for this solution comes from SpaceX, yes, that is the Tesla CEO -Elon Musk’s another rocket company.

GeoOrbital Wheel
Use a simple modular design,GeoOrbital wheel can be installed on any bike in seconds without the need of a battery and an enigne or other spare parts on a bicycle.You only need to use GeoOrbital electric wheel to replace your bicycle’s front wheel.Tires are solid, no need to be afraid of puncture.

It has several sizes, can be suitable for different bicycle models,its technical specifcations as below:

Tire size: 26 inch, 28 inch, 29 inch, 700cc
Motor parameters: 36V 500W brushless motor
Charging time: 3 ~ 4 hours
Brake mode: electronic brake
Maximum speed: 32km/h
Driving mileage: 20km (electric mode)/ 50km (self electric mode)
Market price: 799 US dollars
Estimated listing date: 2017 spring