Stator electric motorcycle: Harley Davidson like folding electric motorcycle

Today we would like to introduce you an electric motorcycle which have won Core77 Industrial Design Award in 2016-its name is Stator.

Stator folding electric motorcycle

The shape of the Stator is a bit like the Harley Davidson electric motorcycle ( some people call it scrooser or citycoco, it is very hot during 2015 and 2016 ) we’ve ever seen, but it looks more cooler than Harley, and its scooter frame more simple, leaving only the necessary parts. The electric motorcycle weighs only about 40kg.
Stator is a short distance travel vehicle which can solve the final one kilometer problem, it has a maximum design speed of 40 km/h and driving mileage of 32 k , motorcycle powered by built in lithium ion battery and drive by 1000W rear motor.

Main feature of the stator electric motorcycle is that the scooter frame is extremely simple with modular design; fender, seat and other components can be disassembled and customized, the handlebar can quickly being folded,so manufactures can load more quantity in a container compared with Harley Davidson electric motorcycle.In addition it can also adding head lights,brake lights and mobile phone holder according to customer’s requriements or actual requirements.Very suitable for resort at the sand beach, city travel, transport goods and so on.

The positioning of Stator is aimed to 16-45 years old poeple, and those who want personality, including those students who still don’t have a car but need to travel in the school, even those youth who still haven’t got a driver ‘s license.

At present the Stator is still in the pre-sale stage, interested guys can directly registering on its official website and booking.