Top 5 electric bicycles brand in 2016

In recent years, electric bicycles have become very important travel tools for people’s transportation . However, with the popular selling of electric bicycles, the quality complaints are rising all the way. Electric bicycle industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated today, the quality of products and services has become the core competitiveness of these electric bicycle brands. Today we will tell you the top 5 electric bicycle brands in 2016,these brands are selected from the market, they are with excellent quality & brand name from consumer’s saying.

New day electric bicycle

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As the No.1 of the electric biycle industry, the new day electric bicycle being No.1 with its unique “intelligent technology advantages” and “international professional fashion concept”. It is not only the world’s leading creators of intelligent electric vehicles,it also famous for its highest stress in electric bicycle details. New day use 35 automotive-grade process during manufacturer to ensure great user experience.

Opai electric bicycle

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Opai has been well known for the quality in the industry, its excellent quality has been praised by many dealers. Opai electric bicycle established a working principle of “high starting point, high standards and high quality” from its foundation, the pursuit of high quality products. In 2016, Opai also carefully filmed the “originality to the new” micro film, received wide acclaim within the industry.

Yadea electric bicycle

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Yadea electric bicycles always adhere the development concept of “quality is the cornerstone, research and development is the driving force, service as a baisis”,and always adhere international standards to manufacture electric bicycles. The Yadea Z3 electric bicycles launched in 2016 set off the industry’s high end fashion trends, coupled with endorsement of popular male star “Hu Ge”,Yadea harvest a lot of young people’s favorite.

Lima electric bicycle

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Well known in China for the strong power, Lima vehicle industry group, facing problems caused by inproper installation and maintenance as well as bad quality products , they launched the “super-level” production quality management regulations.

Aima electric bicycle

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Aima has always uphold production concept of quality superior, innovation as the corporate gene, adhere to the road of independent research and development.Aima attract the attention of consumers with its new personalized advertising commercials. Youth, fashion, vitality; Aima electric bicycle has brought an extraordinary experience to user.

2017 has coming, we are look forward to more exciting news of electric bicycle industry. Quality is the life of electric bicycles, only who pay close attention to product quality can win more consumer’s confidence.