How to identify a bad hoverboard

1. By a chance you saw the package and user manual is made in poor work,then you can’t expect this hoverboard in a good quality, no matter how cheap is a hoverboard, if its outer appearance is not good, how can they ensure their inner quality ?

2. If you found a cheap hoverboard selling price ( no matter from,, or directly brand name online ship ) below 199$, it is a dangerous hoverboard with poor quality. As a hoverboard specialist, we know pretty well about the hoverboard, about its mainboard,battery,charger,motor as well as the shipping cost and local tax, price below 199$ don’t have enough profit to ensure quality at all.
3.You can buy hoverboard directly from, this is an approved decent hoverboard online shopping site with their own brand, most are UL2272 approved hoverboard, their price as low as you buy from different brand manufacturer directly. Absolutely,as a end buyer, when you come to the brand manufacturer, they would ask for a high price from you to ensure their distributors’ benefit.
4.Remember even a hoverboard from the reputed manufacturer may explode, the probability is just too much small.People have a tendency to overcharge it and for that reason the hoverboard come with low quality charger may explode, brand name hoverboard shorten this rate to 0.001% or below.Hence buy your hoverboard from or brand name online shop,It will minimizes the risk of riding the hoverboard or using it.

UL2272 approved hoverboard with two 6.5 inch wheels

Some common sense about hoverboards:

1. Hoverboard usually comes with a IP grade of IP54 or lower, it can resist little water such as rain , washing water; but don’t drop it entirely into the water,it is waterproof totally.
2. They are well known as self balance scooter, smart balance wheel, hands free segway, actually they are same thing with hoverboard.
3. They can’t be carry out on flights, so don’t try to buy a hoverboard during a trip, no matter how cheap it is, because you will find you are wasting your money at the end and it will cause you a lot of trouble.
4. Why it is being called ” hoverboard” although it doesn’t hover at all, the concept first appered from the moive ” come back to the future ” .