SOLO Wheel Balance Scooter:A Convenient Means Of Transportation And Exercise

Solo wheel balance scooter is designed to meet the diversified commuting demands of urban inhabitants, which differs significantly from traditional transporters in both function and operating principles. This niche and trendy product is spotted in department stores, parks and even on a country road. It blends in effortlessly into daily life and prevails magically all over the world with below exclusive features:

6.5 inch Solo wheel balance scooter

Electricity is a clean energy and lithium battery is a recyclable energy source. Consequently as an electric scooter product powered by lithium battery packs, Solo wheel balance scooter is 100% eco-friendly. Well made lithium battery pack allows 800-1000 recharge times, 3.8 times life span and 2.9 times duration of ordinary lithium batteries. Just ride along without worrying about safety or battery burning even explosion problem.Solo wheel balance Scooter is much more than a handy transporter for commute, it stages as an entertaining and intelligent gadget as well. A growing number of trendsetters from all over the world have added balance scooter on their must-have list. It suffices to say that invention of hoverboard ( another popular calling for balance scooter ) redefines the modern transporter.

Solo wheel balance scooter differs from traditional transporters in various aspects. For example, it only weighs 12kgs, which is easily portable for most adults. Solo wheel cheap self balancing scooter can get around effortlessly in multiple venues, e.g. campus, office buildings, elevators, metros, shopping malls, super markets¡­almost every place where a human being can reach. With its portability, you may place it against your office desk or in the corner of the canteen. In a word, electric scooter can be effortlessly taken with you without worrying about storage or thefts.

3.User Friendly Design
Solo wheel balance scooter may appear to be a fresh product, it is elaborately designed and has been intensively tested. The Solo wheel self balance electric scooter stages as the trend of eco-friendly commute and it¡¯ll be your ideal gear to get around town to attract everyone’s attention.

At present, workers in the office have to spend a lot of time sitting in the cubicle before computer with little room to move and less time to work-out. After work, less white-collars go to gym for exercise. The majority of them feel fatigues and want to lie on the bed for rest. This will subject to health issue.Solo wheel self-balancing scooter can figure out these problems gradually.